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VITAL REMAINS - Forever Underground
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VITAL REMAINS - Forever Underground [Original Recording] (12" LP on Red/Black Galaxy Vinyl)

United States | Death
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LABEL : Osmose
YEAR : 2022
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LP re-issue with the original recording! 500x 12'LP 180g transparent red with black galaxy effect, 350g jacket with 3D UV SPOT, 220g inner sleeve, all assembled in a PVC overbag.

In the early 1990s, long before achieving headlining tours and mainstream success, Vital Remains epitomized the essence of an underground death metal band, emerging from the shadows of Florida's metal uprising. Despite four full-length records preceding widespread recognition, these releases faced repression much like the band's early struggles. "Forever Underground" stands as a testament to the cruel reality Vital Remains has endured, overshadowed by more popular counterparts.

The album showcases Vital Remains' old-school death metal approach while incorporating longer songs, keyboards, and complex yet stylish riffs and solos. Tony Lazaro's guitar work demonstrates instrumental mastery, featuring scorching speed, pulverizing mid-paced sections, and stellar tempo changes. Drummer Dave Suzuki's debut with the band avoids the blastbeat commonplace, displaying versatility and impressive skills. His influence is particularly felt in memorable leads reminiscent of the band's later acclaimed works.

Despite lineup changes during this period, the addition of Joe Lewis on vocals and bass proves to be a revitalizing force. Lewis's growls and morbid moans blend seamlessly with Lazaro's riffs and Suzuki's drumming, contributing to a redefined sound that surpasses the band's earlier efforts. "Forever Underground" feels like a rebirth, with each quality elevated to new heights.

In terms of production, the album maintains a raw and unpolished quality, eschewing digital enhancements. The rough guitars, chunky bass lines, and the gritty background create a dirty yet authentic sonic landscape. Suzuki's dynamic percussion, characterized by a fluctuating snare volume and frisky toms, adds to the album's overall rawness.

Despite being overshadowed by later releases and Benton-centric fame, "Forever Underground" deserves recognition as a masterpiece that defines great death metal. Its forty minutes of madness exemplify the essence of underground metal and stand as a timeless contribution to the genre.

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