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MARDUK - Wormwood
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MARDUK - Wormwood (CD - Jewel Case w/ Bonus Track)

Sweden | Black
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LABEL : Osmose
YEAR : 2022
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Detailed Description
During their exploration of potential additions to the "Wormwood" album, the band stumbled upon a fully mastered gem titled "Shadow Comes." Initially intended as a bonus track, it remained dormant until its rediscovery.

Marduk's 11th album, "Wormwood," pleasantly surprises as the Swedes venture into a grimy and hypnotic direction, extending the trajectory set by "Rom 5:12." While rooted in black metal and bearing the unmistakable Marduk signature, the album diverges from the typical blasting ferocity, showcasing a nuanced approach. Standout tracks include the slower ones; "Funeral Dawn" features a deliberate march with sparse, loose percussion and gripping, grim melodies. "This Fleshly Void" excels with Mortuus' strained, garbled vocals over a dusty black blast beat and guitars evoking the churn of graveyard soil. "To Redirect Perdition" unfolds at a slow and unsettling pace, encompassing black/doom rhythms complemented by exceptional vocals and haunting 'choral' samples. "Chorus of Cracking Necks" seamlessly transitions between blasting frenzy and minimal, dank guitars and breakdowns. The closing track, "As a Garment," adds another layer of mesmerizing slowness.

Crafting an oppressive atmosphere, the album utilizes echoed vocals and thin guitars that race through razor-edged compositions. Drummer Lars Brodesson sustains the band's momentum, with the simple percussion in some tracks making a distinct impact. While not claiming the title of Marduk's best record, "Wormwood" undeniably stands out as their most intriguing offering until 2009, sparking optimism for continued exploration along this captivating path.

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