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MARDUK - Plague Angel
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MARDUK - Plague Angel [Osmose Prod] (CD)

Sweden | Black
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LABEL : Osmose
YEAR : 2022
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Detailed Description
CD reissue remastered by Patrick W. Engel.

Following the release of "World Funeral" in 2003, Marduk's musical direction seemed to be evolving, and there were questions about the band's future trajectory. The tempo had slowed down, and Legion's vocal style was undergoing a shift. Over a five-year period, some felt the band was exploring different avenues, perhaps experiencing a natural progression. With Legion departing due to vocal changes, Marduk welcomed Mortuus from Triumphator as the new vocalist, offering a different vocal dynamic and injecting fresh energy into the band.

Accompanying Mortuus, former guitarist Devo transitioned to the bass position, taking over from longtime bassist B. War. Drummer Emil, a consistent member since "World Funeral," continued in his role. These changes were seen as a strategic move to rejuvenate the band. The release of "Plague Angel" marked a significant chapter for Marduk, aiming to showcase their ability to adapt and deliver a renewed sense of purpose.

"Plague Angel" became a turning point for Marduk, starting with the impactful opener, "The Hangman of Prague," which dove straight into fast-paced black metal without any introductory buildup. The classic track "Throne of Rats" followed, featuring excellent drumming by Emil and Mortuus demonstrating his ability to match the intensity with his voice used as an instrument. While some songs like "Seven Angels, Seven Trumpets," "Perish In Flames," and "Deathmarch" slowed down the pace, others like "Life's Emblem," "Steel Inferno," "Blutrache," "Warschau," "Holy Blood, Holy Grail" maintained the fast, hard, and intense style reminiscent of Marduk's earlier works.

In terms of speed and aggression, "Plague Angel" drew comparisons to "Panzer Division Marduk," but with tighter drumming and a voice better suited for the band's evolving style. The album marked a triumphant return for Marduk, showcasing the adaptability of the new lineup and their continued ability to deliver the aggression and intensity the band is known for.

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