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TEUFELSBERG - Ordre Du Diable (12" LP)

Poland | Black
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Hailing from Poland and making their public debut with the demo Ancient Darkness Triumphant in 2020, TEUFELSBERG are a band out of time. The modern "black metal underground" is a vacant void to be shunned, spit upon; for the trio, the elder ways of black metal militancy reflected in the Polish underground during the glorious '90s are to be proudly upheld. And upheld they did with a successive split with comrades MINNESJORD last year, once again through the auspices of SIGNAL REX, in the process building their own dead Christ commune. And now, TEUFELSBERG fortify it further with their full-length debut, Ordre du Diable. No great changes have been made, thankfully - cold and grim is their march, rendered in raw-yet-clear tones that remarkably retain an era-authentic vibe - but the trio's songwriting has undoubtedly advanced, moving at many speeds and effortlessly evincing a focus that's fiery and finessed in equal measure. Further, their integration of synths is subtle and tasteful, coloring Ordre du Diable in rich hues of velvety purple emanating from deepest black. More simply stated, TEUFELSBERG deliver a record that could've easily come out in 1995: that same mysticism is alive and well here, and DEAD. Against the modern world, torches raised aloft, TEUFELSBERG are coming to a church near you with Ordre du Diable!

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