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VANIK - Iii (12" LP)

United States | Heavy/Speed
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Let's be real: Halloween is-objectively-the best holiday. Still, the last decade or so has left me wanting more from the season's music. While traditional spooky-sounds-the ones featuring creaking staircases, hollow moans, and virgin screams-are great, I've always envisioned a reality where autumn's soundtrack has a bit more flare. I wanted-no, needed-something that got me looking forward to every fall... something rife with detailed Halloween imagery... something that allowed me to escape into my very own Halloween world. So, in 2016, I established VANIK, which has allowed me to create that very world through sound and rhythm. Our self-titled debut was hailed by listeners as a powerful, high-energy record. Since then, we've released a number of well-received albums, and now, in 2020-a year that feels like a never-ending horror movie-I am ready to release VANIK III.

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