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BLACK WITCHERY - Upheaval Of Satanic Might (12" LP)

United States | Black
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Reprint, 88x black, x400 blood red, 12" (180g) in a microtene innerbag, printed inner sleeve full color, on 220g, download card, jacket full-color, black flood inside on 350g, all assembled in a PVC overbag.

Prepare for the relentless onslaught of the band's second full-length album – a merciless, bestial, and blasphemous barrage of Black Metal. Darker and more extreme than its predecessor, "Desecration of the Holy Kingdom," this record will annihilate all who revere the band's earlier works. Featuring 9 tracks of Black Speed Desecration Metal, it proudly upholds the band's infamous reputation as the purveyors of the most extreme Black Metal in the United States. A true Ross Bay Cult-style annihilation that will resonate with devotees of Beherit, Archgoat, Mystifier, Conqueror, and beyond.

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BLACK WITCHERY - Upheaval Of Satanic Might BLACK WITCHERY - Upheaval Of Satanic Might (T-Shirt)
United States | Black
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