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NOCTURNAL BREED - We Only Came For The Violence (CD)

Norway | Thrash/Black
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NOCTRUNAL BREED are back! The legendary Norwegian Black / Thrash Metal band has always created a unique sound mixture. Black Metal, Thrash Metal and a wicked steak of classic Heavy Metal gives the band a huge addictive potential. So far, NOCTURNAL BREED have not only been known for their rousing albums in their more than 25 years of band history, but also for their high-energy perfomances at live shows. The band was founded in 1996 by S.A.Destroyer aka Svartalv, who already worked in grandiose black metal bands like Gehenna or Satyricon. Early on, the great potential of NOCTURNAL BREED, which was originally founded as a pure demo act, became apparent. The release of the debut album Aggressor (1997) was crowned with a legendary tour with EMPEROR. Twenty-one years later and five years since their last and fifth album Napalm Nights, the band has reunited again. More evil and aggressive than ever before, the band entered the studio in February 2019 after just one rehearsal. The sixth studio album captures the spontaneous energy that the short work period gives them. The result is an album that captures the madness and rage that has lain in NOCTURNAL BREED for over two decades. A scene giant once again rises out of the shadows and will deliver you a true bombshell of reaping Thrash Metal... beware this time... We Only Came for the Violence!

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