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MASTERPIECES - Heavy Music Artwork 2020 (BOOK)

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Over 130 releases. The special edition comes in a different format, more luxurious and lavish. More than 240 pages showcasing artwork, products, vinyl records. With detailed stories about the artwork, music and lyrics. The perfect addition to music and art collectors. Aara, Abysmal Dawn, Acherontas, Akhlys, Blaze of Perdition, Buttcher, Cirith Ungol, Cult of Lilith, Dark Tranquillity, Deathless legacy, Devil with no Name, Diabulus in Musica, Draconian, Enslaved, Grave Digger, Igorrr, Necrot, Necrowretch, Imperial Triumphant, Katavasia, Lonewolf, Majestica, Rage, Sodom, Vader, Sta?lker and more.

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