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CONTAMINATED - Final Man (12" LP)

Australia | Death
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BLOOD HARVEST RECORDS is proud to present the highly anticipated debut album of Australia's CONTAMINATED, Final Man. Ever fittingly titled, Final Man is a sickening wasteland of authentically '90s death metal sickness: gurlgling and gangrenous, fetid and filthy, and just utterly pulverizing. CONTAMINATED were formed in 2013 in Melbourne, Australia by Lachy with the intent of playing a no-bullshit style of dark, filthy, rotten death metal in the way of underground Finnish and US legends. The band's first demo, Pestilential Decay, was handled solely by Lachlan in February 2014 and released on cassette by Crawling Chaos Productions the following April. June 2014 saw the addition of Christoph (Internal Rot, Headless Death, ex-Roskopp, many others) on drums. From December 2014 to January 2015, a full lineup was established, with Lachy handling guitar and Matt (Ignivomous, ex-Eskhaton), Nick (Asbestosisis, The Nihilistic Front, ex-Embodied) and Zev (Headless Death, ex-Roskopp, ex-Injury To Eye) joining to fill the roles of guitar, bass, and vocals respectively. March 2015 saw CONTAMINATED playing their first show and self-releasing another demo cassette, Promo '15. The Pestilential Decay demo was also reissued in December 2015 by Headsplit Records. Since becoming a full band, CONTAMINATED has been active on the live front, regularly playing around their hometown of Melbourne and recently interstate, often on varied lineups. With more new material steadily arriving over mid-2015 to early 2016, a full-length album was recorded in May 2016 at Goatsound Studios. It has taken the form of Final Man, and it is both a summation of CONTAMINATED's sound 'n' style to date as well as an acute intensification of it. Particularly impressive is the production, where every tone is rendered in its most bulldozing form possible. Thus armed, CONTAMINATED proceed to blast and burl straight into the sewer - of the mind, body, soul, and beyond. Indeed, here stands Final Man, and it's CONTAMINATED!

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