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THE CROWN - Deathrace King (12" LP)

Sweden | Death/Thrash, Melodic Death
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When you talk about the 2nd wave of Swedish Death Metal that started in the mid-nineties there is no way to get around THE CROWN from Trollhattan. THE CROWN released nine longplayers to date and it's the albums 'Hell Is Here' (1999) and 'Deathrace King' (2000) that turned events for the band. Before THE CROWN was a relentless underground act with a solid fanbase and a few gigs here and there. With their new partners Metal Blade and the release of 'Hell Is Here', THE CROWN became a worldwide touring band without losing a single bit of their driving force. THE CROWN remained raw and belligerent, shown best on 'Deathrace King', an epic yet roaring manifest!

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