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NEBIRAS - The Great Rites (12" Gatefold MLP)

Malaysia | Black
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Almost 18 years have passed since the release of one of the most important releases in Eastern Asian Black Metal history - and now it is finally going to be repressed, for the first time on vinyl! It is time for the "The Great Rites"-EP to finally get the deserved attention. As soon as the needle touches the vinyl for the first time, one is being transported back to the old days, when Black Metal was defined. Cold hatred is matched with buzzing guitars and an unmistakable atmosphere. There is no doubt: This is a lecture that only could have been created by bands of the second wave of Black Metal and that should be a source of inspiration for more contemporary Black Metal acts from Scandinavia. Eventually a slight chill will rise from the soil of your "A Blaze in the Northern Sky" because DARKTHRONEs infamous Fenriz was one of the first to notice the quality of NEBIRAS and has honored them by giving his regards in the booklet of said album. His letter exchange with Euronymous shows that Bandleader Agathos Daemon was no stranger to the Norwegian scene. Listening to "The Great Rites" one cannot miss the influences those two contacts had on the sound of NEBIRAS, when time and time again one is taken on a journey through the deepest woods of Norway. Not only did Agathos Daemon stay in contact with the Scandinavian forefathers, but also with the whole rising European Black Metal-scene, with bands such as SAMAEL and ROTTING CHRIST. Being the head of the Watchtower Fraternity Circle, which was the Malaysian counterpart of the famous Black Circle in Norway, Agathos Daemon formed a strong scene with RATOR, CONQUEROR (Mal) and BAZZAH.

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