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SCREAMER - Phoenix (12" LP)

Sweden | Heavy/Rock
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Full Throttle Heavy Metal 'n' Roll from Sweden! A high-quality mix of early Iron Maiden, Accept and Judas Priest, with a hint of Mot-rhead.
Swedish hopefuls Screamer started out in Ljungby, Smaland, in early 2009, with Christoffer Svensson (bass/vocals), Martin Hallberg (guitars), Anton Fingal (guitars) and Henrik Petersson (drums). In 2011, they released their debut album "Adrenaline Distractions" for High Roller Records. The record received rave reviews all over the world (especially in Germany's leading magazine Rock Hard). Martin Hallberg left the band in 2011 and in came Dejan Rosic on guitar.
In autumn 2012, Screamer departed for a European tour along with '77 from Spain and their Swedish friends Bullet. "The 'Full Pull Tour' with Bullet and '77 was a total blast", remarks drummer Henrik Petersson. "It felt great being able to reach out to bigger audiences, and playing live is what all of us in the band live for. We love it! Hopefully people will remember us when we hit the European roads early next year!"
The whole band is very confident that their second album will turn even more heads. Henrik has every right to be proud: "The new album is called 'Phoenix'. A nine track monster with approximately 45 minutes running time. The artwork will once again be designed by Robin Gnista, the same artist that made our first cover. We are VERY proud and feel very confident about the new album, it feels like a natural step forward to us. We have recorded some live shows, but we don't know when to use it. There won't be any vinyl bonus tracks or anything like that this time around."
Screamer are very satisfied with the reactions to "Adrenaline Distractions": "We believe that the first album has been going great! The feedback from the press out in Europe has been quite overwhelming, we hadn't expected the album to be that appreciated to be honest, even though we were very proud ourselves. And our fans, yeah, well, they're fantastic and it's been great a response from them as well!"
For "Phoenix" maybe big mainstream mags like Kerrang! or Rolling Stone will also give the band a chance. Who knows? Henrik: "Yes, hopefully we will get a bigger spread with the second album and of course we hope that the first album has opened up a few doors. One thing that is for sure is that a whole lot of more people know about us by now than when we released the first album, which hopefully will open up the door to bigger magazines etc. We got featured in Rock Hard for the first album - it's possible that they'll enjoy the second album even more!"
Screamer are at the moment looking for more tour dates in Europe and will surely appear at some major festivals in the summer of 2013.
"Touring. More touring. And some more touring", is the band's motto for 2013. "And keep on writing great new songs of course." "Touring with a bigger band would be of huge benefit to us", says Henrik. "But it has to be with the right band if we're gonna do that. So that we can reach out to a crowd that's already into heavy metal or hard rock."
Screamer are indeed a band destined for great things.
Unlike bands like While Heaven Wept, Portrait, In Solitude or Ram, however, Screamer are not looking for a label change at all: "Our goal is of course to become bigger and reach out to bigger audiences all the time. But do you have to change label for that? We are very pleased with High Roller Records. They are true professionals and have great confidence in us and we in them, therefore we haven't even discussed any other labels."
Matthias Mader

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