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METALUCIFER - Heavy Metal Hunter (12" LP)

Japan | Traditional Heavy/Speed
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As they say, Metalucifer is like a fist in spiked leather glove directed into faces of all the trend-followers. Their pure and classic Heavy Metal, full of passion and emotions - brings back the spirit of the old times, where we were wearing our tight jeans or spandex trousers, white sport shoes, patches, and badges on our leather jackets. And it completely doesn't matter, that it is not played perfectly, it has no modern polished production and so on. Even more: it sounds like recorded in 1984! So, another retro band, tribute band? Definitelly not!
Metalucifer was formed in 1995 as a side project of Gezol, leader and founding member of the legendary Japanese Black Metal act Sabbat (that started in the same time as Hellhammer or Bathory!), who was tired seeing new and new trends, and combinations. Gezol's and his friends' intention was to create a band which is 666% Metal, and hell yes: they did it! Side project quickly turned into real living beast, that plays live shows, tours, and keeps on releasing more and more albums and singles...
Now, 13 years later, Metalucifer has legions of die hard fans and followers around the globe, and it's easy to find other bands playing cover versions of their songs.
The whole Metalucifer mania started with the "Heavy Metal Hunter" 6-track Mini CD (Evil Records Japan, 1996) - the original pressing is of course currently rare as hell, and few years later was re-released again on CD with several bonus tracks (and surprise: is already sold out as well!).
What you hold now in your hands, is the limited vinyl version of this legendary Metal treasure, again with bunch of bonus tracks. What can I say: if you miss the old good times, when you preffered to stay at home and listen to your new Iron Maiden LP with these fantastic sizzling guitars, more than going out with your girlfriend, then you will love this monster. If you open a music magazine, and would prefer to see review of the new Tank album or the Venom tour raport, instead of these new and strange "sensations" promoted by huge labels - you will not want to stop listening to this one. This is what I call Heavy Metal.

Bart Gabriel, Hard Rocker Magazine

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