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EERO KOIVISTOINEN - Muusa Ja Ruusa (12" Gatefold LP)

Finland | Jazz
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One of the most unusual albums we've ever heard from Finnish reed legend Eero Koivistoinen - a set of music composed for children - but with a wild sound that must have sent more than a few kids running from the room back in the 70s! Koivistoisen's reeds are only part of the sound here - as there's larger orchestrations from the UMO Jazz Orchestra, some electronics from the University Of Helsinki music studio, and even lots of weird sound effects and animal noises - which only seem to make the whole thing sound even more unsettling! There's a bit of voice at points - the music was based around the poetry of Kirsi Kunnas - but most of the sounds are instrumental, and only seem to get weirder and wilder as the album moves on. Titles include "Fanfaari Kinkulle", "Pikku Paimen", "Sammakkokeitto", "Jussin Talo", "Ville Ja Valle", and "Herra Pii Poo".
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