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EGYPT - Egypt (12" LP)

United States | Stoner/Doom
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EGYPT self-titled album is a fantastic proof of will's triumph over adversity. Some of you already know the uncanny story of this trio formed in 2003 and stranded in Fargo, North Dakota. Their debut was recorded on a shoestring budget and made available only as a demo, only to be officially released on very limited quantities on LP in 2008 by Lyderhorn Records. Although quite short in running time (32 minutes), this posthumous recording was a revelation to many: a killer slab of stoner/doom that never forgot to salute its 70's heavy-rock heroes and, first and foremost, knew what the word 'hook' truly meant, no matter how raw they sounded. And there was vocalist Aaron Esterby's impressive bass sound, a throbbing sound a la Geezer Butler that truly drove the music instead of just following what the guitar was doing. As limited as this first official pressing was (500 copies), soon enough the word was out that EGYPT were a force to behold. And it didn't even matter that the trio had split up right after that sole recording. A year later, stoner rock powerhouse METEORCITY came knocking asking to repress it, this time on CD so the fire could keep on burning. And it did. It actually did so brightly that in 2012, the band choose to reform and went on to record their first proper full-length 'Become the Sun' whose LP version was handled by DOOMENTIA in 2013. In order to both face the ever-growing demand and pave the way for EGYPT upcoming newly recorded album, DOOMENTIA has decided in collaboration with the band to once reissue their legendary debut on vinyl, untouched apart from a slightly different layout with a die-cut. But who needs bonuses when said album is one of the few down-to-its-very-last-note finest examples of stoner perfection? Here's once again your chance to know what the fuzz (indeed!) is all about.

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