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EVO / ALGY - Damned Unto Death (12" MLP)

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Evo (headmaster of metal punk crossover merchants Warfare) and Algy Ward (leader of the original Tank as well as temporary member of punk legends The Damned and The Saints) team up for this spectacular mini-album entitled "Damned Unto Death". A musical marriage made in heaven (or hell if you prefer). Both, Evo and Algy Ward, were early pioneers in bringing together punk and metal music in the very early 1980s. Warfare and Tank never cared about conventions, playing to a mixed audience of spiky haired punks and metalheads, thus paving the way for future generations of bands. It's only logical that Evo and Algy have finally decided to join forces on "Damned Unto Death".
"This is not Warfare and not Tank either," comments Evo (who handles lead vocals and drums on the record). "This is a collaboration between two friends - thus our names - and it serves you right!" The record contains six brand new songs: the leading track "Anger, Violence, Hatred", "Nosferatu", "Doomed At Dodes" as well as three cover tunes, namely "R.A.M.O.N.E.S." (Mot-rhead), "Tune To The Music" (Status Quo) and "Know Your Product" (by The Saints for whom Algy Ward played bass between 1977 and 1979).
"To record 'Know Your Product' was my idea though, and not Algy's," adds Evo. "I love the song, so does Chris Bailey from The Saints who sent us an e-mail saying what a cracking version we have recorded." About "Anger, Violence, Hatred" the energetic drummer says: "The lyrics sum up the state of our current political system and why they try to keep people down. Everything intelligent and full of wisdom falls on the sacred and brain dead public, creation is the key to set people free... anti-conformity forever... but they run... and chase runners."
In the early 1990s, Warfare released a brilliant concept album on Hammer Horror films, leading people to suspect that the song "Nosferatu" on the current record could somehow be tied to the same idea. "Yes and no", states Evo. "This song is not about Horror as such, it is about the horror of suicide bombers... and filthy fuckin' terrorism." "R.A.M.O.N.E.S." is a cover of a Mot-rhead song (strictly speaking it may well be described as a cover of a Mot-rhead tribute song to the Ramones, couldn't it?) and there is a story surrounding this particular version as well. Evo explains in more detail: "It's a tribute to my good friend Wurzel (R.I.P.), who wrote a song for my daughter Katy, it's called "Kalmer For Katy" and it's on Wurzel's album "Chill Out Or Die". This is for him and all the hell raising and beer drinking we did... to get in the mood as it were (method research). I got fuckin' hammered like in the old days, but it amazes me how tight the song still is..." The final of the three cover tunes on "Damned Unto Death" is "Tune To The Music" by the mighty Status Quo. As nonchalant as ever Evo exclaims: "Quo have stood the test of time. So have Evo and Algy in our particular genre..."
With Evo having laid to rest his band Warfare in 1991 ("never to return again" according to his words) and Algy (who plays all guitars and bass on the new record) struggling to keep his own version of Tank on course, fans might start to wonder if Evo/Algy could turn out to be more than a one-off project by two like-minded souls (and highly talented musicians) after all...
Matthias Mader

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