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SABBAT - Kill Fuck Jesus Christ (12" LP)

Japan | Black/Thrash
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Last year, for just the second time in its 30-year existence, Sabbat's unholy presence descended upon North America for a handful of gigs. While the band was in the Bay Area, YK Insulter arranged for a performance at the KFJC radio station (http://www.kfjc.org) near Palo Alto, CA. The relationship between NWN! and KFJC extends back to the early days of the label's existence. KFJC has consistently supported underground metal and promoted NWN!. The station routinely plays NWN! releases on the air and has even invited YK Insulter to host'several Black and Death Metal nights. KFJC has also featured live performances by numerous metal bands including several NWN! stalwarts such as Bone Awl, Morbosidad, and Knelt Rote. It was, therefore, fitting that KFJC would welcome Japan's most notorious Black Metal export for a Sabbatical Radionslaught. The technicians at KFJC recorded the set and, upon listening to the quality of the performance and the recording, Sabbat and NWN! made the decision to give it a proper vinyl release. "Kill Fuck Jesus Christ" finds Sabbat in its finest form. All the howling sonic intensity of Sabbat's live performances is effectively captured here on this release due to the advanced recording equipment available at the station. Furthermore, in order to ensure that this LP exceeded the usually mediocre quality of typical live recordings, NWN! enlisted James Plotkin to master the recording to obtain the optimal sound. Consequently, "Kill Fuck Jesus Christ" is among the most the most powerful of Sabbat's many live recordings and features some of the best renderings of classic Sabbat tracks like "Satan Bless You," 'Evil Nations," and "Mion's Hill" among others. To complete the release, NWN! utilized classic Sabbat artwork from the 1980s originally created by Elizaveat, but re-interpreted by Chris Moyen for the cover of the LP. With this release, NWN! continues to honor the legacy of what is arguably the longest running, most prolific, and most consistently high quality band in Black Metal.
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