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ANAL VOMIT - Demoniac Flagellations (12" Gatefold LP)

Peru | Black/Death/Thrash
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250 black and 250 transparent red with black splatter 12" vinyl (140g) housed in a microtene inner bag, full-color 220g inner sleeve, and a full-color 350g gatefold cover, all enclosed in a plastic overbag.

Osmose Productions takes immense pride in presenting a reissue that not only showcases a fresh and enhanced layout but also faithfully preserves the original tape recording of one of Peru's most deliriously depraved and insanely intense Death and Black metal offerings.

Hailing from the metal-rich land of Peru in South America, Anal Vomit emerges as a relentless force among die-hard metal maniacs. Their roots are entwined with legendary bands like Mortuorio, Hadez, Mortem, and Sepultura, alongside iconic acts such as Mutilator, Sarcofago, Pentagram, and Sadism. This is the essence of it all. Their music is an intoxicating blend of alcohol-fueled madness, with rapid-fire blast beats, soaring Wagner Antichrist-worshipping high screeches, and guttural, demonic growls that leave no room for compromise. It's a complete and utter assault on all things Christian, as their riffs summon spiked demons from hell, engaging in blasphemous acts in the presence of the violated Virgin Mary herself. This is precisely what one can expect from a group of mentally unhinged Peruvian musicians who proudly carry on the tradition set forth by "I.N.R.I." over two decades ago, leaving an indelible mark on this Christian world.

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