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ASPHYX - On The Wings Of Inferno (12" Gatefold LP)

Netherlands | Death/Doom
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6th album of classic old school death metal and given the full quality treatment by Floga Records.

In the year 2000, amidst an era not particularly favorable to doom and death metal, Asphyx released "On the Wings of Inferno." With a new vocalist, Wannes Gubbels, stepping into Martin van Drunen's shoes, many doubted the band's future. Surprisingly, the album proved exceptional. Gubbels delivered agonizing howls akin to van Drunen, while Eric Daniels' riffs, though seemingly straightforward, possessed a barbaric charm, echoing Hellhammer/Celtic Frost and Obituary.

The album's cleaner, louder production, though missing the signature guitar tones, was balanced. Gubbels' vocals, wisely balanced with the music, avoided overpowering it. Asphyx's concise songs, like "Summoning the Storm," combined Celtic Frost and classic death metal, maintaining a relentless pace with no excessive sections. Though not without minor flaws like the track "06.06.2006," "On the Wings of Inferno" packs more substance into its 29 minutes than many longer albums. It's a must-listen for Asphyx fans.

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