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Norway | Black

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Review On Nov 15, 2011 by Anonymous of WA
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Title: From the depths of Dark Waters.
Comments: This release rivals many other well known releases within the black metal genre. It has atmosphere, solid composition, nice tempo changes, solid vocals, and great fast guitar work. The drum work is solid, but tends to wash some of the other instrumentals out a little. Small flaw, nothing to really cry about.

How did this go unnoticed, and why isn''t Isvind a a better known name within the style? This isn''t your typical boring Kvlt or scenester raw black metal, but rather well played metal, with grittier production values. I was only able to find it on cassette...but no regrets. Having been bored with black metal as of late, I find this cassette refreshing.

Much like the product description says, I hear a lot of other period releases in this. It reminds me of many really good releases from other much more well known bands. Hell, it''s a cassette...the price point is low. What do you have to lose? Pick this up.

ISVIND - 1993-1994 Demos ISVIND - 1993-1994 Demos (CD)
Norway | Black
$13.33 - $23.50
Norway | Black
ISVIND - 1993-1994 Demos ISVIND - 1993-1994 Demos (12" LP)
Norway | Black
$17.77 - $30.99
ISVIND - Daumyra ISVIND - Daumyra (12" LP)
Norway | Black
$17.77 - $30.99




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