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IMPIETY - Paramount Evil
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IMPIETY - Paramount Evil (DIGIPAK CD)

Singapore | Death/Black/Thrash
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LABEL : Agonia
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In the vast landscape of metal, where many bands adhere strictly to defined categories, Impiety emerges as a breath of toxic, decaying air, delivering a battle cry that stands out in its aggression, destruction, and unapologetic approach. Comparable to bands like Destroyer 666 and Bloodstorm, Impiety transcends conventional boundaries, seamlessly blending thrash and death metal elements to forge a distinct identity. Their 2004 opus, "Paramount Evil," arrives as a rusty bayonet, thrusting aggressively into the heart of listeners just when they need it most.

"Paramount Evil" unfolds with a relentless assault, each track contributing to an overall consistency while presenting a diverse array of thrash and death metal elements. The album pulsates with thrash-style riffs, exhibiting a range from brutal aggression to technical intricacy. Noteworthy is "Reign The Vulture," featuring a gripping thrash-style intro that seamlessly transforms into death/thrash riffing as the vocals take command. "Pillars Of Perversion" slows down to unveil a technical thrash riff reminiscent of Sodom's work, showcasing the album's dynamic range. The opening of "Sunrise Declaration" unleashes a battle-style riff, charged with power and aggression, foreshadowing the impending destruction.

What sets Impiety and "Paramount Evil" apart is the band's exceptional cohesion and ability to create a unified sonic force. The production is impeccable, allowing each instrument to shine individually, yet when Shyaithan's rapid, harsh vocals intertwine with grinding riffs and intense drumming, Impiety transforms into a formidable musical machine. The album's structure and precision contribute to a unified sound of aggression and hatred, balancing brutality with technical finesse. "Mighty Impiety" seamlessly transitions between their unified sound and intricate, technical riff-oriented segments, adding layers of interest to the listening experience. "Paramount Evil" stands out as one of the most consistent and straightforward death/thrash metal albums, offering a unified sonic assault.

Beyond its cohesive sound, "Paramount Evil" boasts additional captivating elements. Machine gun effects overlay slow-paced guitars, and spoken-word passages intertwine with battle-ready riffs, creating a destructive atmosphere. The vocals, delivered with speed and unwavering harshness, complement the album's aggressive tone. Epic solos punctuate the tracks, such as the fast-paced and triumphant solo in "Sunrise Declaration." "Paramount Evil" serves as an alternative for fans of bands like Destroyer 666, offering a rule-breaking, no-prisoners-taken approach. While certain parts may outshine others, occasional filler does little to diminish the overall greatness of "Paramount Evil." It stands as a testament to Impiety's ability to deliver a destructive, aggressive, fast, and original album that leaves an indelible mark on the metal landscape.

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