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Hells Headbangers announces the signing of Hexella. The first fruit of this union shall be the band's highly anticipated debut album, which will see release through the label early next year.

HEXELLA Pronounced:\Hex-Ay-a\

Eng./Spn. compound word translates to "hex her" or "curse her"

Hexella was originally conceived in Deep South Texas by Noelia Garza (vocals, lyrics, and songwriter) in 2019 as a studio project. JD De La Rosa would help bring the sounds of Hexella to life on the drums during the writing process and add solos to the already written material. JD records, mixes, and masters all the music at Negative Audio Studio thus far.

In September 2021, Hexella digitally debuted a two-song demo featuring "Blood Ejaculate Chaos" and the single "High on Demonic Possession" off their forthcoming EP A Road in Hell. The EP would later be released digitally in October of 2021. Goat Throne Records would go on to release the EP on tape, and Tenebrous Aberrations Productions would release it on CD, both during January of 2022. Hexella's sound has continued to evolve with the addition of bassist Richard Casas. In March 2023, Hexella joined forces with Wulfskol and released a split titled Burn With Us via Goat Throne Records, initiating Hexella's first release on vinyl.

A statement from Hexella reads as thus: "It is with extreme infernal indulgence that we announce the unleashing of Hexella's first album, an offering charged in unholy blood and hellraising black fire. In conspiracy with Hells Headbangers, the chaos unfolds on all physical formats in 2024."





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