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HELRUNAR / ARSTRIDIR LIFSINS - Fragments: A Mythological Excavation
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ARSTIDIR LIFSINS / HELRUNAR - Fragments: A Mythological Excavation (DIGIPAK DOUBLE CD)

Germany | Pagan Black
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Limited 2CD. Heathen black metal. Apart from being a collaborative effort by Helrunar und Arstidir Lifsins, who each recorded one song of epic length exclusively for this split release, "Fragments - A Mythological Excavation" also testifies to the friendship between the labels of both bands, Prophecy Productions and V?n. This release (overall duration: 35 minutes) already suggests, both groups delve into mythological topics: Helrunar's "Wein Fur Polyphem" draws from Homer's "Odyssey" while Arstidir Lifsin's 'Vindvalarmal" taps into the sources of Old Norse mythology. What in the end unifies both songs musically as well as lyrically are their monumental character and apocalyptic undertone which is manifest to the elemental force of those mythological ideas - a power reanimated by "Fragments".
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