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HEAVY CROSS - Street Wolf (7" EP)

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Heavily influenced by Scandinavian Metal like OZ, HEAVY LOAD, GOTHAM CITY and plenty of NWOBHM bands, HEAVY CROSS offer some tasty tracks on this debut EP.

_Catchy riffs, a mid-tempo plod, and Finnish-thick vocals about heavy metal and women: what more is there? A solid 7? _ Zero Tolerance

? _One famous, mysterious, prolific (and sometimes controversial) Finn called Satanic Tyrant Werwolf is apparently determined to explore just about every nook and cranny of NWOBHM in addition to his black metal exploits (of which SATANIC WARMASTER is probably the most well-known). How else do you explain the emergence of Heavy Cross in addition to his other traditional metal band ARMOUR? Both bands being represented by non-conformal Hells Headbangers label, the aforementioned nooks and crannies are apparently different between ARMOUR and Heavy Cross. If the former is more of what I would consider to be a jovial party metal along the lines of ACCEPT, then Heavy Cross is most definitely a homage to mid-to-late ?70s JUDAS PRIEST and SAXON, psychedelia shaken off and rock balls beginning to grow. Only time will show whether a quick two- track EP is going to lead to something bigger, but Street Wolf is eight minutes of simple, catchy, and riffage-driven fun? _ Metalreviews.com

? _The two tracks on this 7'' EP sound almost like they were released in 1981...are decidedly retro as is the production, but if you like old-school traditional heavy metal, then this two-track EP is definitely worth a listen - it has the guitar solos, the riffage, and the attitude? _ MetalMusicArchives.com

? _When any promo states that a band is ?Heavily influenced by Scandinavian Metal like OZ, HEAVY LOAD, GOTHAM CITY and plenty of NWOBHM bands,_ chances are I'm going to like it. Sure enough, this two-track EP is prime, old-school heavy metal with enough of a ?I just found this dusty old single buried in the back of some record store and it looks as if there are only about a dozen copies that saw the light of day_ appeal to make me feel like a giddy kid in a candy store! GOTHAM CITY meets HEAVY LOAD meets any/ every NWOBHM act that managed to release only one single is how I would describe this offering, and I mean that with the greatest of respect. This one does not so much sound retro as it is retro? _ Heavy Metal Time Machine webzine

? _The traditional flavor of RAVEN, TYGERS OF PAN TANG, and old IRON MAIDEN_a fun time? _ Lacerated Metal webzine

? _That is precisely what Street Wolf guns for, nothing so much ambitious or distinct, but an attempt to kick in the door to a club and rock out over the ever-more-distant ?80s haze of cigarettes, hairspray, leather, and chains. The riffs here brought me reminiscence for early JUDAS PRIEST more than anything, but I did like the adequate crunch to the guitar tone, and even if they're the sort of riffs one feels like he/she could concoct in a matter of minutes, they've always been and remain fundamentals for this type of band? _ From the Dust Returned webzine

? _As direct and simplistic as the bands whose influence pervades every instance of their debut. With straight-ahead, pumping-pedal tones, ringing chords, and lead work typical of ?80s metal, Heavy Cross isn_t looking to break any new ground, and so have produced a couple of tracks that do a great job of emulating their heroes_Mainman Satanic Tyrant Werewolf (what a name!) may not have the best voice in heavy metal, but he can write a retro-metal tune with enough hooks and catchy melodies that_ll stick with you for a long time after giving this EP a spin? _ TheMidlandsRocks.com

? _Catchy as hell? _ Apochs.net

? _If you missed the NWOBHM badly, then hearing Heavy Cross might get you back up again. The band put it out pretty simple, no gimmicks. Clean heavy metal with simple- yet-catchy choruses, grooving solos, old heavy metal lyrics (no Dungeons & Dragons) _ what else do you need?! So come, on damn it! Sing it!? _ Metal Reigns Supreme webzine

_In my view, two songs are just not enough here - I want more! They've hit the nail on the head with their sound, and while it may not be fast enough for some, it reminds me of a simpler time before subgenres and scene-hopping bands, and it's great fun to boot!? _ This Noise is Ours webzine

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