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HATEWAVE - Sexual Healing 2
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HATEWAVE - Sexual Healing 2 (MCD)

United States | Noisecore/Black/Death
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SKU:  01CD4048338
LABEL : Devils Fork
YEAR : 2007
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The mercenary group of assassins known as Hatewave hailed from Chicago, where they quickly became known for their chaotic, aggressive live shows. Mixing many different metal styles from death to grind, black metal to thrash, all with a dissonant, experimental edge?the group was difficult to pigeon hole. The murderous trio played shows with Napalm Death, Boredoms, 6 Feet Under, Anal Cunt, Drop Dead, Charles Bronson, Cavity, Bongzilla, Fleshgrind, Ezurate, Melt-Banana, Incantation, 7000 Dying Rats, Cock ESP, and at the first Expo of the Extreme with Nile, Dark Funeral, Usurper, and others. Disgusting 4-track no-grind from poor white guys on meth and hoarse (no hippie shit). "Some seriously fucked up stuff... Might be too much for all but the strangest and most adventurous metalheads, but noiseniks and grind freaks and anyone into utter aural insanity should just go ahead and dig in."?Aquarius Records

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