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GRAVEWURM / ARDUOUS TASK - Spawn Of The Sacrilege
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ARDUOUS TASK / GRAVEWURM - Spawn Of The Sacrilege (CD)

United States | Black/Thrash/Doom/Death
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SKU:  01CD4033921
LABEL : Horror Pain Gore Death
YEAR : 2014
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Detailed Description
Horror Pain Gore Death Productions presents a split album of epic proportions to commemorate the Spawn Of The Sacrilege! Spewing forth from the wastelands of Connecticut comes Arduous Task... intolerant Black/Death Metal that is equal parts melody and brutality. A sledgehammer smash of brutality and hatred for fans of Absurd, Arghoslent, Autopsy, Grand Belial's Key, Iron Maiden, Mercyful Fate, Omen, Satanic Warmaster, Tormentor and Varathron.

Gravewurm return with a vengeance, showcasing four new tracks of old goat Black Metal from the abyss. Following up on their split with Spun In Darkness, Gravewurm perform a necromantical masterpiece that is engrossingly hypnotizing, with an addictive minimalism that is simply bred for headbanging. These new songs are darker, dirtier and
stronger than ever before and also feature Tony Blakk (Druid Lord, Acheron, Equinox) on Drums.

Cover artwork by Seth Bennett! For fans of Beherit, Burzum, Candlemass, Celtic Frost, Cianide,
Goatlord, Hellhammer, Inquisition, Nunslaughter, Pentagram, Profanatica, Sathanas, Sodom and Venom

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