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Brazil | Death/Black
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LABEL : Redlight
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Brazilian pressing on Redlight Productions

Shaking up the increasingly complacent bestial metal scene in 2008 with their "Sign of Doom" debut, Brazilian beasts GRAVE DESECRATOR return to bury the still-standing with their second and latest album, "Insult." Foregoing fifth-generation clones of newer hordes, GRAVE DESECRATOR drive deep into the roots of South American darkness with nuclear-powered blackgrind rife with psychotic solos and eldritch dread, all whilst never losing sight of "song" over "chaos." Full-moon rituals and alcoholic rites - GRAVE DESECRATOR spit the gravest "Insult"! Recommended for diehards of VULCANO, early SEPULTURA, SARCOFAGO, and early MYSTIFIER.

Listed on Fenriz/Darkthrone's "TOP TEN ALBUMS OF 2010" [here]

1. Black Vengeance, 2. Stared To Hell, 3. Hellhound Breed, 4. Insult, 5. Stained By Blood, 6. Dangerous Cult, 7. Serpent Seedline, 8. Decline Of Faith, 9. Jesus Joint, 10. Poisoned Purity, 11. The Satanic Coven, 12. Baphomet

SOD / DOA REVIEW (9 skulls):
"Raging forth like a cross between early Sarcofago and Sodom, Grave Desecrator casts false idols aside and launches a full-scale assault on Christianity with the curiously titled Insult. The production is suffocating but the guitar blasts ring true with punishing clarity with effective use of stereo effects and wicked breaks and solos. Standout tracks like _Stared to Hell?, _Decline of Faith? and _Baphomet? capture the raw excitement of mid-80's brutal Thrash Metal assaults that forged the Golden Age of the genre. One listen to the hypnotic riffwork on the title track will be enough to convert you to the legions of Grave Desecrator's." (DH)

  • "Many are the bands today that look to the bestial styles of Brazil for inspiration. However, once in a while a band comes along that does everything correctly - Grave Desecrator is one of those bands. From the sound (very organic), to the songwriting (well done!), to the image of the band (denim and leather), everything screams 1985 Brazilian black/death on this record. Of course, the recording is better than those days, but that is to be expected and desired. Grave Desecrator have captured the essence of SARCOFAGO, SEPULTURA, SEXTRASH, and similar bands, all the while melding it into a framework of bestial black metal. This is easily one of the best bands in this style in existence today... This is a very special band that needs to be heard, and fans of any of the bands mentioned above would do well to snap this up. It won't kill you with chaos the way some bestial bands do, and it is thoroughly METAL. I can't recommend this highly enough" -Ominous Vomit webzine

  • "An absolutely textbook example of blasphemous blackened death/thrash done the South American way, and an invigorating blast it is, too... Wonderfully old-school but not in any way a throwback, this is the kind of death/thrash that people with any taste should be listening to, not the plasticised nonsense that clutters the scene these days. You can feel the intent coursing through these riffs, smell the sweat beading tattooed arms as they crank out the buzzsaw aggression and pounding drum fills. What is great about Insult is that it isn't quite the one-note barrage that albums of this ilk can sometimes become - they drop in the odd eerie interlude, mix up the pace and experiment with developed song structures... Ultimately, what Grave Desecrator have shown with this album is just how satisfying and downright infectious thrash is when it's done properly. For a genre that all too often ends up becoming a self-referential, mono-dimensional borefest, these guys have shown that a bit of thought into riff-writing and song structure can elevate this style into one of the most instant, horn-raising, fist-banging fixes in town" -MetalTeamUK.net

  • "This is the way death metal needs and was meant to be played, just brutal in-your-face fury and power... This is one of the best death metal bands I have heard this year" - Metalcorefanzine.com

  • "This Brazillian old-school heretical blackened death beast lays in the desecrated blood soaked ground between early SEPULTURA, INCANTATION and SARCOFAGO. There's a great crusty and thrashy old-school flare (CELTIC FROST/HELLHAMMER) in the rhythms that kicks up the sacrificial tone of this virgin-mutilating bloodbath of an album that is sure to make heads turn, bang... and roll. This is absolutely essential for the old-school horde" -Hellridemusic.com
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