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GOUGE - Beyond Death (12" Gatefold LP)

Norway | Death
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OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS: Comes in a gatefold cover. Pressed on red vinyl with heavy black splatter as well as traditional black vinyl. CD also in stock. T-SHIRT & CASSETTE coming soon!

What's it sound like to go Beyond Death? That's precisely the question GOUGE answer with their titular debut album. These Norwegian death metal upstarts started off with a bang with their Doomed to Death EP, one of HELLS HEADBANGERS' hottest 7" in recent years, and now with Beyond Death, the unholy duo upratchet their ravenous deathnoise x 666. GOUGE's influences are clearly from the oldest of schools - Repulsion, Autopsy, Death Strike, and earliest Death - but even just a cursory listen to Beyond Death reveals an acute understanding of what drives those sounds rather than the replication of them: their attack is gross and guts fucking, but burning with a passion that's blanching to behold. Not to mention that these young mavericks know how to write actual songs - and there's 10 quick-hitting slices of absolute DEATH here. No better time, then, to go Beyond Death with GOUGE

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GOUGE - Beyond Death GOUGE - Beyond Death (CD)
Norway | Death

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