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GOATPENIS - Flesh Consumed In The Battlefield
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GOATPENIS - Flesh Consumed In The Battlefield (12" LP)

Brazil | Black Grind
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LABEL : Deathangle Absolution
YEAR : 2014
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Limited Edition of 500 copies. The return of the Brazilan Blackgrind War Metal Commando. The follow up to the band's highly praised album from 2011 "Depleted Ammunition", displays the band returning with a vengeance and fury aimed at anyone who dares to stand in their way. 11 tracks of insanity driven barbarity performed and delivered with the band's unique blend of Grindcore, Black Metal and Death Metal to create a form of audial warfare that could be described as nothing other than what they have defined and labeled themselves for well over 2 decades: WAR METAL.

Featuring guest appearances on the track "Effects Of Radiation On Humans" by J. Read of REVENGE/CONQUEROR and Antichrist Kramer of INTOLITARIAN/DEATHKEY, and a cover of guitarist Virrugus's previous band BY DISGRACE OF GOD with the song "By Disgrace Of God" from their 1999 demo of the same name. A vinyl only bonus track re-recording of their precursor Grindcore band SUPPURATED FETUS's song "Bloody Battles" from the 1990 demo "The Rest Of Nothing" is also presented here to finish out the release and hammer the final nail into the coffin.

Expect nothing but a maniacal, barbaric storm of Blackgrind War Metal from these veterans of the Extreme Underground who show absolutely no signs of slowing down, softening or giving in to the pathetic modern day "Metal Scene" made up of nothing but cowards, back peddlers,spineless sell outs and rockstar fame hungry degenerate scum. One of the ONLY bands to become more extreme with every release and who
continue to push the envelope and raise the bar while others lag safely behind.

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