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FRONT BEAST - Demon Ways Of Sorcery (12" LP)

Germany | Black/Heavy
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OUT NOW ON HELLS HEADBANGERS: Pressed on Swamp Green Vinyl w/ black splatter & traditional Black Vinyl. Comes with a lyrics insert. CD & Vinyl pack available for only $20.00. T-Shirt also in stock!

Since the late '90s, Germany's FRONT BEAST have been lurking in the darkest corners of the black metal underground. Helmed by mainman Avenger, FRONT BEAST have stayed committed to a pure 'n' proud vision, honoring the ancient ways with a prolific stream of demos and split releases. Now, FRONT BEAST are prepared to storm with vengeance with their second album (and first for HELLS HEADBANGERS), Demon Ways of Sorcery. Fittingly titled, Demon Ways of Sorcery is trend-free black metal of an ancient, mystical hue: damp dungeon atmosphere, crude yet commanding execution, thirsty 'n' miserable vocals, an aura of hideousness and unhealth, and an unselfconscious obeisance of time-honored heavy metal values. When the moonlight calls...obey the Demon Ways of Sorcery!

"A cohesive beast (yeah, I can?t help it) of diseased BM riffery and cold BM drumming with a raw BM production. Each song is a mid-paced scuzz of frenetic riffs and furious caterwauling, all handled by miscreant Avenger. The record itself is upbeat and catchy enough to keep your head banging and fist pumped, all the while staying filthy enough (DAT BASS) to make even the dirtiest Black Metal Hiking Punks nod with approval. There?s a small smattering of synth throughout, such as the bells in the title track, but it works as an eerie accompaniment to an otherwise disgustingly catchy record. ?Blackness Into Eternity? begins with a (probably unintentional) nod to old British punk (that?s what it sounds like to me, but I?m an American knob anyway) before devolving back into blackthrash sorcery. Inventive enough" -Zero Tolerance [4/6 rating]

"Musically, the guitar work is outstanding and really shines through as Front Beast?s most lethal weapon. The vocal performance is also a prominent aspect on Demon Ways Of Sorcery, as they are very boisterous and eccentric. The combination of the two provides for an entertaining and unforgettable listening experience... the use of bass is nothing short of ingenious, and adds a whole other dimension of accents and highlights to the songs themselves. Every song is performed with the utmost skill and effort... an absolute joy to listen to. It may be one of the best black metal releases of 2013 when all is said and done. Despite Front Beast?s relatively unknown existence in the more mainstream extreme metal circles, the album itself may just be superior to any of its recent and upcoming contemporaries -again, a trait that makes this release so endearing and real. It's music for the underground by the underground, and that?s what makes it a true treasure. It lacks in no department and is thoroughly written and performed. Furthermore, kudos are in order for the mind and skills of the mastermind behind Front Beast, Avenger. Music and creativity are in his blood as is obvious looking at his past work and through listening to Demon Ways Of Sorcery" -Deathportal.net [4/5 rating]

"A rough-sounding record which hearkens back to the turbulent front-end of the '90s when black metal's vanguard was split pretty evenly between bands seeking to ramp up the genre's studio values and those who wanted to keep the music as feral and raw as possible. Naturally, Demon Ways of Sorcery sides with the latter camp, and as a result, the turbulent production is likely to throw up a spiked barrier in the faces of any who want their misanthropy 'tidied up.' In a way, I'm reminded a little of SODOM, or maybe KREATOR's earliest calamities like Endless Pain and Pleasure to Kill, first-wave inspirations which also had a rumbling, uneven sound mix, but Avenger cranks up the bass pretty high, which creates an interesting effect against the more intricate picking sequences, especially when the guy's impetuous rasp is being panned back and forth... There's no escaping the pervasive sense of evil and ferocity being exacted upon the listener... Sinister, animalistic, and down to earth -actually, well below earth, like a predator stalking through the infernal chasms of the abyss... a nice accompaniment to an evening of pitchfork stabbings, spent whiskey bottles, and other debaucheries" -From the Dust Returned webzine  

"Cichos' latest outpouring of blasphemic bile demonstrates that his commitment to the dark arts continues in an unwavering fashion. Demon Ways of Sorcery is a lo-fi, organic slab of blackened metal that harks back to the late '80s sound of proto-black obscurity ? the booming drums and echoing vocals bring TORMENTOR?s Anno Domini immediately to mind. There are also elements that nod towards some of today?s more quirky acts. The remarkably low-gain distortion and neo-classical licks on ?Bearer of Satan?s Flame? are straight out of the PESTE NOIRE drawer, for example, whilst the eerie breakdown of bass and echoing guitar leads during ?Heathen Night? demonstrate a sense of subtlety beyond the immediate atavism of the clattering assault. There are even touches of Belgian loons LUGUBRUM at points" -AveNoctum.com

"Pure, filthy old-school black metal from this German one-man cult band. Avenger has written and created some uncompromising, barbaric black metal... Overall, a great release of primitive old-school black metal that is definitely worth your attention" -WinterTorment.com

"Avenger is one hard-working individual, and he's no slouch when it comes to handling everything from lead vocals to guitar, bass and drum work. On Demon Ways of Sorcery, Avenger draws from black metal's past musically while lyrically it's all one big Satanic love-in... Avenger keeps things flowing by way of his aggressive vocals and his ability to make raw, no-frills metal sound inviting and relevant. That right there is Front Beast's strongest selling point, as simplistic black metal can be, and is here,  a popular alternative to the overly extreme music that is swallowing up the scene. Ultimately, Demon Ways of Sorcery gives off this underground metal feeling where you could easily imagine Front Beast playing in the ruins of some old, long-abandoned church and it's that vibe (of something old, dark, and creepy) that saves this album" -Heavy Metal Time Machine webzine

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