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FORGOTTEN WOODS - As The Wolves Gather
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FORGOTTEN WOODS - As The Wolves Gather (12" LP)

Norway | Black
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LABEL : No Colours / Metal Inquisition
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Dimensionless, Frosty Black Metal. The darkest visions of this band now captured on vinyl.

As The Wolves Gather, the 1994 release from FORGOTTEN WOODS, takes listeners on an evocative and haunting journey through the depths of a desolate and somber landscape. Released under the record label No Colours, this Norwegian band's album has crafted a timeless masterpiece that immerses the audience in a chilling, yet captivating experience.

The album opens with an atmospheric intro that sets the tone for the entire musical odyssey. Right from the start, the listener is enveloped in an eerie ambiance, invoking a sense of solitude and introspection. The instrumentals, characterized by melancholic melodies and mesmerizing guitar work, create a haunting backdrop that feels both dark and beautiful.

The vocals, predominantly anguished screams and growls, perfectly complement the overall atmosphere, adding to the sense of despair and melancholy. While the lyrics are not as prominent in the mix, they convey a cryptic and introspective narrative that adds depth to the emotional journey the album takes us on.

One of the standout aspects of As The Wolves Gather is the band's ability to craft long, immersive compositions that gradually unfold and build. Tracks like "Shrouded" and "In The Void Of My Mind" are prime examples of this, clocking in at over ten minutes each. Despite their length, these songs maintain a consistent level of engagement, keeping the listener entranced from start to finish.

Another strong point is the dynamic interplay between the atmospheric and aggressive elements of the music. FORGOTTEN WOODS seamlessly transitions between moments of haunting calmness and surges of raw intensity. This contrast injects vitality into the overall sound, making the listening experience all the more captivating.

Considering its 1994 release, some listeners may appreciate the album's raw and lo-fi production, which enhances the desolate and gloomy ambiance prevalent in early black metal recordings.

As The Wolves Gather (1994) remains a mesmerizing and chilling journey into the abyss, standing the test of time as a classic in the atmospheric black metal genre. Released under No Colours, this album solidifies FORGOTTEN WOODS' position as a prominent figure in the black metal scene, leaving an enduring impact on metal enthusiasts worldwide.

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