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FLAME - March Into Firelands
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FLAME - March Into Firelands (CD)

Finland | Black/Thrash
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LABEL : Hells Headbangers
LABEL : Hells Headbangers
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3 VERY LAST COPIES OF THIS OLD HHR RELEASE: Features killer artwork by Juanjo Castellano (Incantation, Anal Vomit, etc) across 12 pages with lyrics, photos, etc. Layout is exactly the same as the European Primitive Reaction pressing.

Prepare to March Into Firelands - FLAME are here to burn you straight to hell! A cult name in their native Finnish scene, FLAME summon forth triumphant epics of gnarliness that are equal parts ancient blackthrash and just-as-ancient bestial metal. And now, six years after their Into the Age of Fire debut LP, FLAME return with the highly anticipated March Into Firelands, proving that their unholy conflagration's as potent as ever: dynamic yet immediately headbanging, rooted in the old ways yet never recreating anyone's past glories... feel this FLAME and take this torch! Played by members of Adorior, Barathrum, Urn & Hell Spirit.

Recommended for diehards of NIFELHEIM, early VULCANO, AURA NOIR, and old DESASTER!

*"If any remember my 'riff-shitter' catchphrase, Flame are another one of those bands who can literally pull riffs out of their asses. Track by track, new album March Into Firelands drags you through the outer reaches of hell, stomping through an inferno of riffs, reverb and South American battery - that said, the sound of this record may even remind you of VULCANO's Bloody Vengeance! As their second release, March... is a much more dedicated attack than their previous effort" -Zero Tolerance

*"Flame perform your basic black metal concoction, two parts old BATHORY, one part MAYHEM, with some HORNA stirred in to draw out the added flavor. It's a timeless blend, but not tireless, and the Finns do just enough to keep their compositions interesting through the dark resonance of the record's atmosphere. In listening through this sophomore, you experience the very image of the cover art in real timefans of the first three BATHORY full-lengths or URN will probably want to give this a listen. This album toasts more than marshmallows. It toasts the innocent, and then pleasures itself with their eternal misery" -From the Dust Returned webzine

*"The band has become infinitely heavier, more powerful, adding further elements of death metal into their aggressive, hard-hitting blackened old-school thrash, ranging from the old Germans to a DESTROYER 666 vibe...A release that most certainly deserves the gatefold format and the incredible artwork that comes with it. I would definitely recommend this album to lovers of the black/thrash/death genres" -MetalTeamUK.net

*"Open your mind and ears and prepare to be raped by Flame...old-school black/thrash metal intolerance for those of us that still think black metal should be raw and harsh...hailing the gods of the early black metal scene, not so much BATHORY or VENOM, more SARCOFAGO, VULCANO and BEHERIT, but also with hints of the aforementioned" -Minacious.org

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