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FETID ZOMBIE - Vomiting In The Baptismal Pool (CD)

United States | Death
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One of the best killustrator Mark Riddick's FETID ZOMBIE. 10 songs 2nd CD + A4 size 32-page art book. A filthy entourage of gore-inspired heathen hymns reflecting the perverseness found in his art. Features special guest appearances by: Brian Forman (UNBURIED), Steve Miller (LOCULUS), Mike Majewski (DEVOURMENT), Don of the Dead (NUNSLAUGHTER), Kam Lee (DEATH, MASSACRE, BONE GNAWER, THE GROt'sQUERY, etc.)! A solo effort with special guest appearances by Jim Malone (ARSIS), Steve Miller (LOCULUS) and Matt Pike (UNBURIED).

1. Bible Camp Massacre
2. Erotic Autopsy
3. Fetal Delicacy
4. Graced By Gore
5. Tapeworm Diet
6. The Saccharine t'ste of Christian Flesh
7. Throne of Bone, Fortress of Flesh
8. Underground
9. Vomiting in the Bapt'smal Pool
10. Wrath of the Heretic
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