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-All orders are SHIPPED PROMPTLY after receiving payment. Usually within 24-48 working hours.

-All orders are very CAREFULLY packaged with good protection!! We even have our very own custom boxes for mailing vinyl.

-We are NOT RESPONSIBLE for lost, stolen, and damaged orders! If you have doubts INSURE your package.

-We generally do not accept returns or exchanges - very few exceptions are ever made.

-We cannot accept responsibility for lost or stolen payments.

-We accept no responsibility for the condition of merchandise upon it's arrival in you hands.  This disclaimer is mostly directed towards Vinyl LPs, etc. If you're concerned about the condition contact us BEFORE paying for your order. We do our best to insist on receiving mint/excellent condition items from our suppliers and often times if an LP has some jacket damage we post a disclaimer and photo of any such damage. Items are shipped in the exact same condition as received from our suppliers!

We GREATLY appreciate your support!!!

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