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EQUINOX - Return To Mystery
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EQUINOX - Return To Mystery (CD)

United States | Black/Death
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LABEL : Unisound
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Import from Greece.

1. Rites of Red Giving
2. Return to Mystery
3. Until the Dawns Mist
4. The Mourning River
5. Valley of the Kings
6. Dreams of the Winter Solstice
7. Winds of Autum
8. Infernal Atavism
9. Path to Eternal Ruin

During the last cold months of 1992 two musicians had a vision. This vision, was to create a Metal band of elite individuals to compose and perform music of great depths. By October of the same year, guitarist Pete Slate and Drummer Stephen Spillars began writing material. Forming an alliance under the name Equinox, a name chosen to pay homage to the ever present influence of the sun and moon, the sect prepared to mystify it's followers. This would be the beginning of their journey.

It was during this time that Pete had just left the Florida based band Acheron. He recorded the classic "Rites of the Black Mass" album and performed many shows with them, but he wanted more creative freedom to express his emotions. Stephen was also experienced having played with Florida bands Ritual, and Bloodlet. The two quickly started to compose music taking musical inspiration from legendary bands such as Possessed, Celtic Frost, Destruction, Slayer, Bathory, Sodom, Venom, Necrovore, and other bands of that period. They also knew the lyrical aspect of the band would have to come from magic, mythology, ancient legends,folklore, mysticism, and the dark side of the unexplained.

Soon after they joined forces with bass player Mark LaVenia from the legendary band Incubus, Mark had been a long time friend of Pete, as in the late eighties they both played, along with legendary vocalist Kam Lee, in the death thrash band called Abhorrent Existence. Then Pete joined Incubus as a second guitarist, and Mark joined on bass, although Pete ended up quitting before the band recorded an album, and went on tour.

To complete the Equinox line-up vocalist Darkness entered the realm. With the Equinox lineup now complete they began recording their first demo "Anthem to the Moon" during July of 1993. This demo spread through the underground really well, and quickly established the band among the elite of black/death metal. Their destructive brand of metal mayhem immediately drew countless legions of followers from around the globe and brought about the first recording offer from what would become the defunct JL America records which was actually the first Black Metal label in North America releasing such cult classics as Acheron's "Rites of the Black Mass", Samael's "Worship Him", Blasphemy's "Gods of War", Beherit's "Drawing Down the Moon", and many others now considered to be milestone masterpieces destined for Black Metal immortality.

Following the demise of JL America, Equinox entered Morrisound Studios to record it's new monumental self titled promotional demo "Equinox" in 1994. This second offering of majestic Black/Death Metal thrusted the band to the forefront of the modern metal movement giving them a true cult status in the underground.

The entire year was spent playing live shows, and promoting the band. but just a s a record deal was to be secured Mark LaVenia left the band to pursue his education at a a university. The band continued as a three piece with Darkness now also playing bass. By the end of 94 Equinox decided to add a second guitar player. Tony Blakk ex Acheron guitarist, and Apostasy vocalist took over the position. Tony was well suited for this as he played on Acheron's "Hail Victory" album, and "Alla Xul" 7 inch ep.

With all this combined experience Equinox was at it's strongest point. By February 0f 1995 Equinox was back at Morrisound Studios recording their epic 7 inch ep "Upon the Throne of Eternity", it was this barbaric masterpiece that defined the Equinox sound. But due to financial troubles this ep was not released until the summer of 97.

By October of 96 equinox began recording their debut album for Greek Unisound records entitled "Return to Mystery". This opus of diabolical apocalyptic metal featured nine tracks and was a recapitulation of Equinox's three years of existence. Their critics were calling this album their best work, but again their luck was to run out. The unity between Unisound Records and Equinox soon ended due to the labels poor business tactics, and the band was again searching for a record deal.

For the next year and a half the band took personal time off while also writing new material. Then in 1998 Equinox recorded the Mercyful Fate classic "Gypsy" for Still Dead's "The Unholy Sounds of the Demon Bells - a Tribute to Mercyful Fate" album. This brought about a record deal between Still Dead and Equinox, and the band prepared for their second full length album entitled "journey Into Oblivion".

In the meantime, after the success of the Mercyful Fate tribute, the band was also invited to take part in other prestigious tribute albums from Dwell Records such as, Judas Priest Tribute("The Ripper"), Slayer tribute("Haunting the Chapel"), Black Sabbath tribute("Hole in the Sky"), and the Kiss Tribute("The Oath"). Their interpretation of Iron Maiden's "Wrathchild" also appeared on Twilight Records "Maiden America - A Tribute to Iron Maiden".

Finally, after many months spent at Morrisound Studios, in late September of 2002 the album was finished. Those who already have heard this ultimate storm of true old style Black/Death Metal consider it as not only the best Equinox Material to date, but as one of the best releases in the whole Black/Death Metal genre. Equinox has already built undeniable respect in the international underground scene and proved that they are among the elite of Black/Death Metal bands.

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