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DISSECTION - Live Rebirth (12" Gatefold DOUBLE LP)

Canada | Melodic Black/Death (early), Melodic Death (later)
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Well, for those in the know the band Dissection definitely does not need an introduction. So we might as well delve straight into the interview I compiled with guitarist'set Teitan. To make one thing clear right at the beginning, the High Roller vinyl issue of "Live Rebirth" has been fully authorized by Dissection's Set Teitan. This was not the case with the CD issue of "Rebirth of Dissection" done by Escapi in 2009. "Live Rebirth" was originally released on CD and DVD in 2006 under a slightly different name. Set explains: "Yes, the release was originally called 'Rebirth of Dissection' and it came out as a DVD of our return gig from 30th of October 2004, as well as in a limited edition of 1,000 copies which included, other than the aforementioned DVD, an audio CD with the concert (with the omission of some tracks, which are now included in the High Roller Records double LP release). The audio CD was then re-released by Escapi (without any advice or approval from the remaining band members) separately last year, still with the omission of some songs and with a really poor and unworthy layout. Now, finally, it will be given some justice through High Roller Records on a majestic gatefold double LP!" So its seems as if Dissection's relationship with Escapi is not the best. Set can confirm that: "I have no relationship with them as they obviously haven?t kept me updated with their lat'st CD release (which is by the way fully regular, as its in the contract we signed with them that they would release it on CD/LP), which they released with a layout we didn?t approve of, despite me contacting them several times when I found out (on the net) that they were going to release it, which is totally weak and pathetic from their side. There is no monetary gain whatsoever from my or anyone else side in any of this, and my only concern was (and always is and will be) to have a release which would honour the Legacy of Jon Nodtveidt and Dissection, not'something made up in an hour by some old fat guy sitting in an office sipping coffee. Unfortunately, some individuals totally unrelated to what the band stood and stands for, and only in it for money, put themselves on our path, but I know that eventually things will be fixed by the spirits that they, in their ignorance and foolishness, dare disturb (see for example the High Roller Records release coming out now with a proper layout ).
On the other hand, Steffen from High Roller Records has been a pleasure working with, as I understand he is a music lover before being a record label manager. The double gatefold LP shall look majestic and monumental, exactly how it was supposed to, thanks to the work put into it by the unique visual talents of Trident Arts (http://www.tridentarts.net/) and myself." Set has more to say regarding the legitimacy of the mentioned release on Escapi: "Well, the problem is that the Escapi release is unfortunately fully legal and follows a contract. What is not normal to me is they didn?t even contact any of the remaining members (who by the way have signed their contract, which binds Escapi to inform us of what they do!!) concerning the release, having no say in how it'should look like, which songs it'should include, and so on. For people with a complete lack of aesthetics and knowledge of what a band stands for is therefore totally impossible to come up with something worthy. That is what, to me, is irregular, wrong and disgusting. The total lack of respect (intentional or not) for Art, by atheists and capitalist pigs."
Despite the mentioned problems Set does rate the actual musical content of "Live Rebirth" highly: "It is a perfect'sound picture of what the event in question was all about, and it captures some of its essence on an audio format. In other words, it is what a live release should be all about!" In the past, there have been people speculating about a possible Dissection re-union. According to Set, this will not happen: "No, that'shall never, EVER happen. It is just impossible. But, with my involvement within musical work, whatever it is, I do my best to carry on the Spirit."
Dissection was not the end of Set's musical activities. Far from it, as he explains: "I am a permanent live member of the Swedish Satanic Black Metal band Watain (http://templeofwatain.com/) for some years now, and we are getting ready to release a new album (the fourth full length album). It'shall set a new standard within Metal, mark my words! I also have taken part in the recordings of the two lat'st albums of the Swedish band Arckanum ('Antikosmos' and 'ppppppppppppppp' for which I wrote the song '_r_kyn') (http://www.arckanum.se/ ), as well as an upcoming 7" entitled '_yrmir', for which I wrote the title track. I occasionally play live guitar for the Swedish band Unanimated as well (www.myspace.com/unanimated08)."
Coming back to the legacy of Dissection, does Set think Dissection was Jon N?dtveidt's band or did every musician have equal input? He reflects: "He was the spirit, mastermind and driving force behind the band of course, because Dissection was his creation and channel of spiritual expression. But he also was very open to other members' opinions and eventual inputs, as we were at the same time a band and sharing the exact'same goals."
In retrospect, I always wondered: Was Dissection in any way an ideological band? Set Teitan answers without hesitation: "Absolutely! That was, and still is, the whole point with the band and its Return to the scene, and the recording and release of our last album 'Reinkaos', which is nothing else than a Milestone and Masterpiece of Satanic Music. Dissection was and is nothing but a vehicle for channelling and praising the Anti Cosmic Current and the Dark Gods on an audio format. Music is an art form, and like any other art form (be it painting, sculpting, writing, etc.) can and has been used during millennia to pay homage, express and channel the Beauty and Might of ones Gods.
So, to all Dissection supporters, get hold of this release, play it loud and light a black candle to remember and honour Jon N?dtveidt and the Gods he was devoted to! His Spirit lives on and His Legacy shines in Dark Flames!"

Matthias Mader

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