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DEPRAVITY - Silence Of The Centuries + Remasquerade / Demos (12" Gatefold DOUBLE LP)

Finland | Death
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250 on 180 gram purple vinyl, 150 on 180 gram black vinyl, this amazing set of wax comes housed in a 350 gram gatefold jacket with Turkka's amazing artwork, classic interviews, flyers, band pics and new liner not's. Included in all 500 copies is a luxurious 24" x 36" (60.96 cm x 91.44 cm) poster of the cover artwork.

Long overdue for the vinyl treatment, the Crypt is proud to announce partnering with the mighty Depravity to unleash their discography for the first time ever on wax! Brutal and melodic Finnish death metal with chugging, heavy riffs, pummeling percussion, eerie atmospheres and dark, gutteral vox that easily stands up against their Swedish brothers. During their two year existence, DEPRAVITY has featured members of Sigillum Diaboli (Fin), Psychopathic Terror (Fin), Sonata Arctica (Fin) and Diaboli (Fin). The amazing 2LP set will feature both of the Adipocere releases including the MCD and the 7"ep, but also the band's obscure yet equally brutal demography and new liner not's from bassist Petri Ilvespakka.

Sadly the original cover artwork for Silence of the Centuries has been lost over the years, so as using the original covers for our releases is one of our standards, we did the next best thing. We contacted the original cover art'st Turkka Rantanen ( Chaos Graphics) (also know for the Demilich: Nespithe European cover, Depravity: Remasquerade 7" and Depravity: Phant'smagoria demo covers), and commissioned him to do a new hand painted cover with the same look, theme and essence of the original but of course with the advantage of almost 20 years of Turkka's refined art'stic experience and skill since the original painting. Regarding the new artwork, Turkka quot's "I guess this new version is how it looked inside my head back then, but I had no f-n idea how to get it out from there"

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