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Australia | Black/Death
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LABEL : Hells Headbangers
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LAST FEW COPIES FOUND OF THIS OLD HHR RELEASE: Jewel Case edition with a 16-page booklet.

"Album of the Year!" -Metal Maniacs
Following the path of the fallen angel from down under, Denouncement Pyre spews forth from the mouth of the abyss their long-awaited full-length release entitled World Cremation. Delving deeper into the realm of the lawless gods whilst offering primitive blackened death metal far darker and more focused than previously displayed on past EPs and demos. Join or suffer...

*"A perfect mutant hybrid of black metal, death metal, and thrash metal... This blackest thing about this band aside from their ideals is the soot of charred remains of things considered pure and sacred that they leave in their wake... grown into a mature sweltering heat-wave of hell's force. As refreshing for myself as it is offensive and fear-inducing to many naive and weak sheep, this is yet another storm of death complete with winds of holocaust to further plague our lives this year. Worshippers of violent murder and the morally corroded, rejoice and partake" -Metal Maniacs

*"Denouncement Pyre hail from Melbourne, Australia. Listening to its music, however, I do think you would have a hard time figuring it out straight away. Sure, there are some giveaways, but seriously, what blasting and thrashing metal ov death doesn't sound a bit Australian? The guys pretty much invented that field... the band is not the kind to let you go easy, and I think people will be drawn to this album more than just one time around. If you are looking for hard and well-played black/death metal, then this is the band for you" -Currents

*"Eight tracks of well-recorded blackened death assaults, destruction drums and hateful vocals... delivering exactly what you have come to expect from Denouncement Pyre. What you may not expect is how good this release actually sounds compared to their previous rituals. I use the term 'good' very loosely in this sense because I honestly think that the more chaotic, un-produced and raw sound of their earlier works are a better fit for this style of music. Denouncement Pyre in previous efforts unquestionably established themselves as a domineering, furious force of darkness. World Cremation shows us their focus, their methodology and their progression to the next level of malevolent artistry" -Forbidden Magazine

*"One of the best black metal albums I've heard in quite some time. It's not at all surprising that the band hails from Australia, the land of all things filthy 'n' furious when it comes to heavy metal. While many of their countrymen emphasize thrash over black metal, Denouncement Pyre does just the opposite, cultivating a heavily blackened sound with hints of thrash creeping up around its rough edges" -That's How Kids Die webzine

*"The album brings the most intense Denouncement Pyre material to date, lifted up by a gargantuan yet rather primitive and raw production. The blaspheme symbiosis of raging death metal and unholy black metal sounds very obscure, old school-inspired and oppressing, with a rhythmic, thrash-driven and energetic drive and a rather dirty atmosphere, something the Australian (underground) scene is known for - and something I do hail...performed with such a grotesque bravura, you cannot but love this recording" -Concreteweb.be [8.7/10 rating]
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