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DEMONIC CHRIST has been very busy this past year. Dana has been focused on writing material for the new album and was almost ready to enter the recording studio at the end of 2014 until Scott Pletcher (drummer from 1995-1997) came back into the picture and recording was put on ice. After several rehearsals it was clear that the magick that Dana and Scott had for working together still existed. Scott was welcomed back into the band as the new drummer. Since then David Swanson (session guitars/vox from 2012-2013) is also back on second guitar. The final addition to the current line up is Josh Freemon on bass guitar who also was a session member on drums in 2014. The current line up is by far the most intense to date since the band's conception in 1992. There are zero restrictions or limitations for what is now possible! Pure Armageddon is our mission! Here is what is ahead for DEMONIC CHRIST:

HELLS HEADBASH - (Cleveland, OH) - Sept 4-6 (Playing Sunday the 6th)
MEXICO MINI TOUR - Dec 18-20 (Monterrey, Guadalajara @ Inferno Fest, Mexico City)
MARYLAND DEATH FEST XIV (Baltimore, MD) - May 26-29, 2016 (Playing Friday the 27th)
DESTROYING TEXAS FEST - 12 (Houston, TX) - June 2016

The classic full length "Punishment For Ignorance" from 1995 will be re-issued in cassette form for the first time on German label Darkness Shall Rise Productions. This will be a limited run of 200 copies complete with original patch.  It is also being negotiated to release "Punishment For Ignorance" on LP format through Painkiller Records in Belgium!

Recording of the new album titled "The Great Purge" will begin in February 2016. The album is slated to be completed in April and released at Maryland Death Fest! The album features cover art by the classic Italian painter Paolo Girardi who was absolutely magickal to work with, creating a further spiritual ascendance for both Paolo and Dana individually as they worked closely together to conceive this amazing masterpiece! This divine opus will be released on HELLS HEADBANGERS. The cover art which has been complete since November, 2013 will be unveiled at Hells Headbash in September! Hails to the hordes who support our Gospel, old and new alike! Hail Satan!

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DEMONIC CHRIST - Defender Of The Faith DEMONIC CHRIST - Defender Of The Faith (T-Shirt)
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