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DEMON - Unbroken
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DEMON - Unbroken (12" Gatefold LP on Grey Vinyl)

United Kingdom | NWOBHM, Hard Rock
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LABEL : High Roller
YEAR : 2012
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Detailed Description
Demon, originally from Leek in Staffordshire, are one of the longest-running New Wave Of British Heavy Metal bands of all time. Dave Hill (vocals), Mal Spooner (guitar), Clive Cook (guitar), Paul Riley (bass) and John Wright (drums) issued their debut single ?Liar? for Clay Records in 1980. The first two albums of the band are widely regarded as immortal classics of the N.W.O.B.H.M. genre. ?Night Of The Demon? was issued on Carrere Records (from France) in 1981, followed by ?The Unexpected Guest? in 1982 (which charted in the UK at no. 47). The third album ?The Plague?, however, showed Demon following a more melodic direction.
Even after the death of original guitarist Mal Spooner in 1984, the band carried on to release high quality albums at regular intervals. 1989's ?Taking The World By Storm? (including ?Remembrance Day?, one of Demon's most intimate songs ever) was another highlight of the band's enduring career.
In 1994, vocalist Dave Hill recorded a solo album entitled ?Welcome To The Real World?. This was not the end of Demon though. They came back in 2001 issuing ?Spaced out Monkey? followed by ?Better The Devil You Know? in 2005. Demon stopped touring extensively but the band still appears at high-profile festivals around the globe. According to vocalist Dave Hill, however, it was never Demon's intention to call it quits for good: ?We started to work on an idea for a new album about three years ago as we had a lot of unrecorded material we wanted to put down in the studio, and this eventually became ?Unbroken?. We decided to not do anymore touring because it was taking up to much time and I was beginning to lose my hearing, but it was never our intention to split up the band.?
?Unbroken? is Demon's twelfth studio album. It shows all the band's strengths: Dave Hill's highly charismatic vocals, strong hooks and memorable choruses. ?I Still Believe? was chosen as the leading track for the album. For some, however, ?Fill Your Head With Rock? is the best track on this fantastic album, it's a tribute to the band's most loyal fans and the Sweden Rock festival especially.
Dave Hill comments on the differences between ?Better The Devil You Know? and ?Unbroken?: ?I think the main difference between the two albums is that ?Unbroken? is a more consistent and commercial album 'I Still Believe' was picked as a single because we felt it was a good leader to get people into the album and listen to all the tracks. We had an idea about 'Fill Your Head With Rock' for a few years as we had played the festival on a number of occasions, but it was not until we started to work on ?Unbroken? that it all came together as a song. I think that ?Unbroken? is a more melodic album than anything we have done for some time, we decided from the start that we wanted an album full of memorable singalong classic rock choruses, with no real heavy subject or lyrics.?
The High Roller vinyl edition does include an extra track in ?Get The Hell Out of Here?, which is not to be found on the CD edition of ?Unbroken?. Dave Hill: ?I had always wanted to do a song based around the theme of the film ?From Dusk Till Dawn?, which is a favourite of mine, so with that idea in mind the song was conceived.?
Magnum and Demon are both two melodic Hardrock bands from the UK which became popular at the time of the N.WO.B.H.M. But somehow the two did never tour together: ?Many have said it would be a great tour if Magnum and Demon were to play together, but it?s not that easy due to Magnum's agency. We have played together with Bob Catley on a number occasions when he did his acoustic sessions and that went great, but the idea with Magnum has never come together as yet, but there is still time. Maybe some promoter is listening out there and wants to put the tour on in the near future, who knows ...?
Demon has been going for a very long time. That's for sure, but still, there are surely some goals the bands wants to achieve ... A history DVD maybe, or a book. Dave Hill: ?I do think it would be a good idea to put a complete history of Demon onto DVD and CD as a complete package, maybe along with the book as we have so many incredible stories to unleash to the rock world. The book, yeah, I have started to compile all the stories which have shaped the life of Demon.
Personal goals, I would like to keep writing and performing music as long as possible and always to try and do better than I have done before, and to live in a peaceful world, for all ...?
Matthias Mader

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