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Review On Jul 23, 2008 by Chris Wyatt of Los Angeles, CT
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Title: Epilogue
Comments: This has to be one of if not the BLACKEST ambient albums ever released!!!!!Extreamly drowning industrial sections move throughout the alkbum that seem to inhance an already fucked up atmosphere that takes a dedicated listiner to really enjoy.A masterpiece with little if any flaws,the only drawback that must be metioned is the production value,being at a lowfi sound but still has enough presence to keep ones attention.In all Defiler is equal if not surpassing some of our favorite bands such as A Silhouette In Splinters era Leviathan,to the haunting keys of the next level of Nortt,this album has it all but what great is how Defiler adds so much to his sound and yet there is even more that needs to be heard then can be explained appropiatly in words.I suggest you grab THIS ALBUM,an easy numbe


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