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DEEP MACHINE - Whispers In The Black
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DEEP MACHINE - Whispers In The Black (12" LP)

United Kingdom | NWOBHM
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Detailed Description
So another chapter in the Deep Machine story unfolds with the August 2012 release of a limited edition EP (CD) of just 200 copies, and now this highly collectable High Roller Records vinyl EP.

After 31 years, the band returned to the studio to record three (long-awaited) tracks, old favourites like the 'updated' version of IRON CROSS, plus KILLER, and a new song Lenny and I wrote in the spring of 2011, WHISPERS IN THE BLACK.

2011 saw us playing various venues, including some very memorable gigs such as London's The Royal Standard (with TOKYO BLADE) plus the amazing Negasonic club Aalst, Belgium.

This of course left little time for any recording sessions that were really long-overdue!

February of this year found us with some 'free time' to concentrate on laying down some tracks.

With the departure of guitarist Nigel Martindale the previous month, it was decided although I could have easily have double-tracked the rhythm guitar tracks, the obvious choice would be to invite John Wiggins to also play alongside myself on these tracks as well.

As well as being a great guitar player, as most of you will know John has played a BIG part in the band's history both past and present....we were delighted John accepted, and it was great to include him in this project.

We recorded the basis of the tracks at The White Rooms studio in Essex on 4th/5th February 2012, then left the project 'on hold' to concentrate on finding a new guitarist as a permanent replacement for Nigel Martindale.

Auditions were held the following week and, we were delighted to welcome Nick 'Beastie' East. to the Deep Machine fold.

Nick is a fantastic guitar player, and a past veteran of numerous Metal bands, but more notably having played the 'festival circuit' in the 90's with bands such as DEADBOLT, and more recently returning to the gig scene with THE SMOKIN' BARRELS.

After several rehearsals and Nick firmly established, we turned our attentions once more to our unfinished recording project.

At this point our great friend Deeral offered to 'work his magic' in engineering/mixing and producing the three tracks and started work immediately.

Lenny added some vocals, and I recorded some extra guitar parts (harmonies etc plus solo on IRON CROSS first part of solos on both KILLER and WHISPERS IN THE BLACK.)

Nick then recorded his solos for the 'second' solo parts to both KILLER, and WHISPERS IN THE BLACK.

After some meticulous production work, along with the advice, skill, inspiration and extreme patience from the amazing Deeral, together with Lenny and I co-producing, at last the three tracks were born!

We are all very proud of the result, and hope you enjoy the songs.

Bob Hooker
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