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CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY - It's Time to Face the Doomsday
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CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY - It's Time to Face the Doomsday (CD)

Italy | Thrash/Crossover
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LABEL : Hells Headbangers
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A HANDFUL OF VERY LAST COPIES FOUND OF THIS OLD HHR RELEASE! Comes with a 10-page booklet featuring lyrics & band photos.

It's Time to Face the Doomsday... and CHILDREN OF TECHNOLOGY are here to meet the apocalypse head on! Taking only the dirtiest, gnarliest aspects of nuclear-powered thrash and crushing crust-punk, on their debut album these angry Italian gangsters spray paint a desolate, blown-out portrait of the future... and then commence to D-beat the debris into ashes. Features eight sleazy motorcharged anthems to the earth's impending doom and not-so-inevitable rebirth! Recommended for diehards of VENOM, ONSLAUGHT, DISCHARGE, TOXIC HOLOCAUST and ANTI-CIMEX

Listed on Fenriz/Darkthrone's "TOP TEN ALBUMS OF 2010"

  • "This is mid-80s-style crossover thrash with a MOTORHEAD-esque vibe, and there's even a bit of early VENOM in here... rocks so much that it's not much of a stretch to also throw it into the 'Thrash 'n' Roll' category. Raw, basic, dirty, sloppy, catchy and downright fun is what this is, plain and simple... Where many of the newer thrash bands focus on reliving the '80s thrash sound, Children of Technology haven taken it and successfully blended it with the late '70s/early '80s punk/rock-ish heavy metal style. It's unpolished, a bit nuts lyrics-wise and addictive. A bit on the short side, it just leaves you begging for more" -Metalcrypt.com

  • "D-beat-freaks, crust heads, and scum-thrash fiends will revel in the awesomeness of Children of Technology. This Italian tribe of toxic politi-thugs will force your head to bang and your limbs to swing like the still-limp corpses that you will be whirling above your head while listening to this album. If music could bring about anarchy, these would be the anthems of 'Doomsday' for sure, so crank this thing louder than what makes your ears bleed and grab the modern world of bullshit by its testicles and start tearing some flesh. No one gets out of this one alive and The End never sounding so good!" -Hellridemusic.com

  • "These Italian scumbags are clearly more than just a throwback to the '80s, though, their metalpunk atrocities _ as exemplified by debut album It's Time To Face The Doomdsay _ pushing the metalpunk genre forward in a way that continues to be massively underexplored" -Zero Tolerance

  • "High-octane, apocalyptic thrash 'n' smash crust-punk that paints a world that looks like an awful lot like the one painted by the members of WASTELANDER and sounds like old-new-school thrashers TOXIC HOLOCAUST in a 'new' sense, yet with Bronze-era MOTORHEAD and DISCHARGE kicking hard in the gaps and VOIVOD jumping on stage in the middle of it all just to up the chaos. Of course, it is D-beaten and razor-bladed to ruin with gritty vocals and the feeling one gets when the buckles break loose and the buttons pop off. As always, the riffs will make it or break it, and in that regard, It's Time to Face the Doomsday makes it: effective as much for the primal simplicity as the heat rising off the strings" -Blabbermouth.net
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