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Review On Jul 16, 2011 by Kevin of Hellsalvador
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Title: Excellent Alcoholic Thrash Metal!!!
Comments: When I started listening to thrash metal, I used to listen popular bands like Overkill, Destruction, Slayer... etc but a friend of mine recommended me the South American thrash metal and having in mind this recommendation I bought this album, one of my first Tapes.

I put the tape in the player and press Play...

The first track: Creature of Metal and Evil start with a crazy scream and a moderated speed guitar but while the bass and drums begin to sound and the lyrics began to be shouted, the moderate speed becomes an insane speed.

The voices and the guitars are excellent, the bass although at times is overshadowed is very good and the drumming -holy shit- is amazing.

After the storm the calm returns but not for a long time because, quickly, we will doing headbanging or entering in the circle pit.

Second Track: Rotting by Walk Alone again starts with low speed and a great vocals and I think: this band likes to do that, so then we break our skull by the brutality they execute this true thrash metal with.

Once again the guitar and the drums make it clear how talented are these demons of metal, the lyrics are sung with rudeness and the bass in this case shows more technique, being honest this is my second fucking favorite track!!

Third Track: False Life, well I think this is true for many people, whatever, this track have all the elements that I like to listen in a fucking song, what I mean with this? The track starts with an acoustic guitar or at least that''s the impression it gives to me, this solo gives a depressive touch and that''s good; when its end the guitars, the bass the drums and a fucking scream from hell comes with rudeness and so incredibly it follows the same acoustic tone.

You don''t know what is coming? Let me tell you... thrash metal from Hell!!! Speed, madness and screams are reflected in this fucking song, the guitars and the bass follows the same line until the solo where it is clear that the guitarist is a fucking god.

The drums are very strong and once again the vocal work is more than excellent. Being honest this is my first favorite song!!!

Fourth Track: Slayer of Back Mark, Another intro but now a little bit faster, some guitars together with bass and vocals that create a violent and explosive atmosphere up to a small passage of tranquility where the only thing what we think is is the time when violence returns to our ears!

I think it is not necessary say that these bastards are truly insane!!

The last Track: Radical Alcoholics Hell´s Bangers, the question is, Are you a Radical Alcoholics Hell´s Bangers? Holy shit! This fucking song makes your ears explode from the beginning to the end!

the guitar shows again the violence that exists in the minds of these bastards, the voices are from hell and the drums are like the sound of a machine gun!

In conclusion: You must buy this fucking album because!!


Hail The Cult!!!


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