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BUNKER 66 - Inferno Interceptors
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BUNKER 66 - Inferno Interceptors (CD)

Italy | Blackened Thrash
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Italy has a fine tradition of high-class Thrash metal acts. Just think of the mighty Bulld_zer, Schizo or, more recently, High Roller recording artists Baphomet's Blood _ Bunker 66 from Messina in Sicily are bound to carry on this tradition. They originally formed in 2007 after a couple of rehearsals and lots of beer. In 2009, the debut EP _Out of the Bunker? was recorded. It received great feedback from the inner circle of the punk and metal underground. Initially it was self-released in a limited edition of 100 copies only, but Reinig Records from San Francisco re-mastered and re-released it both on vinyl and CD with a new cover artwork.
Things started to get really interesting when their _Alive & Melting? live EP kicked off Fenriz's _Band of the Week? vinyl series. And now High Roller Records is proud to announce the first proper Bunker 66 longplayer entitled _Infern_ Intercept_rs?.
According to drummer Desekrator of the Altar _Black Speed Metal? is what the band likes to be described as: _We don_t have riffs like Exodus or Kreator. We totally love thrash metal but actually our guitarist Bone Incinerator is basically influenced by people like Fast Eddie Clarke, John Ricci _ more fluent and less frantic riffs. Also my drumming isn_t thrash at all, it has a more d-beat punkish approach, I reckon.?
As Bunker 66 consists of only three musicians they have subscribed to the classic three-piece sound and approach (just listen to _Overnight Sacrifice? or 'storm of the Usurper? and you'll know what I mean): _Absolutely yes! Tank and Mot_rhead are two great influences for us, together with Venom, Hellhammer/Celtic Frost, Discharge, Carnivore, Sodom et al _ We listen to different styles of music but when it comes to Bunker 66 those are definitely our mentors.?
Bunker 66 do see themselves in the tradition of Italian Metal: _Again. Absolutely, yes! We love Bulldozer, especially their first album influenced us a LOT. We love all the Italian metal and hardcore punk classics like Schizo, Death SS, Necrodeath, Negazione, Raw Power, Nerorgasmo, Strana Officina and also lost gems like Incinerator, Nuclear Symphony, Convulsed and many many more! Even today there are many young killer bands here in Italy, I would like to also mention Noia, Murk, Barbarian, Children of Technology, Haemophagus, Undead Creep, Morbo, Fangtooth, Krossburst _ arrghhh _ just too many to mention!?
To some Bunker 66 may just sound like a cool name but actually there is a real Bunker 66 from the second World War still to be found in Southern Germany: _We discovered that a real Bunker 66 exists almost two years after the band's birth eh, eh! So that's a pure coincidence, like many things in our band. We were never there, looking forward to visit it!? Unlike Tank, war is not the main lyrical theme for Bunker 66: 'sometimes we speak about war as one of the many aspects of mankind's evil ways, but that's all.?
Regarding live appearances, Bunker 66 have not been as active as they would have liked to be: _You know here in Sicily we are a bit ghettoized and far away from all the music ferment that boils in central and northern Europe, we are alone in the dark. Though we did some very cool gigs abroad: in October 2011 we played at the 'Live Evil' festival in London, it was great to share the stage with all those killer bands. In August 2012 we will play at the 'Bunker 2012' festival in Oslo. Let's hope for an even better 2013!?
Matthias Mader

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