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BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL - The Lucifer Rising Suite
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BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL - The Lucifer Rising Suite (12" 4x LP Box Set)

United States | Psychedelic Rock
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A complete anthology of the recordings made for the Lucifer Rising motion picture soundtrack by BOBBY BEAUSOLEIL with THE FREEDOM ORCHESTRA and THE MAGICK POWERHOUSE OF OZ. All art has been created specifically for this release. This fully authorized and definitive release includes:

~Remastered recordings spanning 11 years, from the '67 recording to the Tracy Prison recordings of '78.
~4 full-length LPs worth of Lucifer Rising material with half being never-before-heard sessions personally selected by Bobby BeauSoleil.
~9 new pieces of art from Bobby: 8 record sleeve panels and one 2' x 3' poster.
~2 posters: one by Bobby BeauSoleil and one by Dennis Dread.
~A much-extended version of the "Fallen Angel Blues" piece by Bobby that originally appeared in the Kenneth Anger DVD set.
~"Hymns to the Solar Temple"- impressions on a visit to Bobby at the Oregon Correctional Facility in Pendleton, Oregon by Dennis Dread.
~"The Saga of a Soundtrack" by Michael Moynihan
~Art from Dennis Dread for the back of the LP box, also to be included as a 2' x 2' poster.
~Art from Dennis Dread for the front lid of the box which will provide a window into the works of Bobby's to be found within.
~Remastered by Robert Ferbrache, well known for his work with Blood Axis,16 Horsepower and others.

Stolen from Amazon:
Lucifer Rising is Bobby Beausoleil's 1975 soundtrack to the Kenneth Anger film (released in 1980) of the same name. Anger commissioned Beausoleil to complete the score after Jimmy Page's initial efforts proved unsatisfactory. Of course, Beausoleil was (and is) in prison for murder at the time. Lacking access to a regular recording studio, he actually built much of the equipment used for the session himself and relied on other prisoners for his backing musicians. The results are stunning. Lucifer Rising remains a landmark film score and an instrumental showcase for Beausoleil's evocative soaring guitar work.

The Lucifer Rising Suite as a whole is enjoyable, as it includes a great deal of additional music produced during these sessions. Divided into four discs for the cd release, the first three contain the extra session tracks, while the fourth is the finished album. While the quality of the material varies, it offers a fascinating glimpse into Beausoleil's exploration of different musical ideas. I've come to regard this as an essential piece of my music collection

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