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BLACKENED WISDOM (Immolation) - The Angels Are Crying (7" EP)

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OUT NOW on Hells Headbangers: First 100 copies on colored vinyl. Comes with a lyrics insert. A must for fans of Order From Chaos!

Formed in Omaha, Nebraska in 1992, BLACKENED WISDOM existed within a grey area between the worlds of Black and Death Metal, a place which was largely uncharted territory at this time. Recording three songs in 1993 with the intent of releasing a 7-inch EP, the band ceased to exist shortly after this session and the tracks fell into limbo... Lying dormant and unreleased for nearly two decades, "The Angels Are Crying" will finally reveal itself to this world as it was originally conceived, as 7" vinyl.

BLACKENED WISDOM explored the unknown and the forgotten, traversing a spectral realm of storms and anguish. "The Angels Are Crying" is a sonic gateway to this turbulent place where angels fear to tread. Cover art by master graver Jon Zig conjurs the vision of this chaos with haunting clarity, layout by Bill Taylor.

Bill Taylor (Immolation, Angelcorpse, Xenomorph, Feldgrau, etc...) - Guitar/Vocals
Dan Kohler (Laceration) - Guitar
Rich Sheibal - Bass
Mike Gushard (Laceration) - Drums

? _Three tracks recorded in 1993, released in 2012? Yes, more of that, and more of this, please: dirty Midwestern black/death that no one knew about. Furious riffing and blower bass with a solid rasp, sounds like dumbed-down ANGELCORPSE recorded through a pillow, but even that has merit? _ Zero Tolerance [4/6 rating]

? _A vital piece of black/death metal history from its earliest roots is finally available for the metal community to hear...There_s simply no masking what lies before you on this release, which is largely hate-filled black and death Metal performances of a very raw nature...Despite being roughly nineteen years late to the party, it_s great to finallly hear the three songs which make up The Angels are Crying, especially for fans of certain long- running bands of today [IMMOLATION]_Aside the collectable sake, this makes for an intriguing look back at the earliest days of the black/death metal genre, acting as a time capsule right down to the format its printed on_definitely an EP worth picking up as soon as possible? _ Apochs.net [8.5/10 rating]

? _Overall, the music comes across as being very chaotic, but that primarily is due to the lo-fi authentic ?90s demo-tape production which makes the death-grind sections seem very noisy and chaotic - which, I am sure, a lot of fans of early grindcore will find a positive feature...old-school death metal fans and younger fans of extreme metal who are fascinated with the early stages of extreme music are bound to revel in the aural chaos that is Blackened Wisdom's one and only release? _ MetalMusicArchives.com

? _A piece of history for extreme metal addicts who might never have heard it_brutally obsessed with impenetrable war metal chaos and need some fast and grimy to floss out your ears and brain cavity, to relieve you from the stress of a hipster-dominated environment? _ From the Dust Returned webzine

? _An evil mire that spews forth from the speakers. What lies beneath the murk and miasma, however, is more attitude and acrimony than ability: primitive and raw, black meets death with a hint of grind and a smattering of doom thrown in to the hostile, sadistic barrage. Existing before a genre label that approximated their style existed, this is an interesting EP? _ TheMidlandsRocks.com

? _This is as raw as you'd like it. It_s evil blackened death metal at its best...This is lo-fi, it's loud, and it's exactly as the band intended for it to sound. If you like your old-school death metal tinged with black, you'll love this record. It's a piece of untold history that's finally seen the light of day and needs to be heard? _ This Noise Is Ours webzine

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