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BERLYN - Streetfights (7" EP)

United Kingdom | NWOBHM
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After two albums for High Roller Records Berlyn now release their first ever 7" single on the label. It does contain the three tracks "Streetfights", "We've Heard It All Before" and "Don't Ever Laugh In My Face". Founder and guitarist Maurice Coyne says: "The single contains re-mastered versions of the demo tracks we recorded in 1982. I've heard a sample and the re-mastering is very well done." Berlyn, who according to Maurice Coyne played around 150 gigs during their short liefespan in the early '80's, did not put out a single vinyl when they were still active. Maurice Coyne explains why: "We did try to get a recording deal with the band back in the early '80's but the companies weren't really interested. Recording was very expensive in those days and we simply didn't have the necessary finance to do it ourselves. How different things are now - we could have recorded an album on a laptop!" According to Maurice, there is not a lot of Berlyn material left in his archive: "There are two or three songs remaining that have not been released and a few cover versions that would be difficult to licence for such a small scale project. We still hope to write and record some new material but the band members are scattered across the UK and it's very difficult to collaborate."
Maurice Coyne is very sat'sfied with how the two Berlyn albums on High Roller Records turned out: "We have been very pleased with the albums High Roller have released. I think Steffen has done an incredible job and, let's face it, without him no-one other than the band, would have ever heard the material."
As you may or may not know, Maurice Coyne once played guitar for the legendary Urchin (alongside no other than Adrian Smith). Has he listened to the current "High Roller" album by Urchin? Apparently, yes, he had: "I heard the new Urchin album last week (Steffen very kindly sent me a copy) and I think it's great. I remember hearing the tapes back in the day and it was great to hear the songs again. I also have to say that the packaging is excellent - a really good job." Maurice Coyne's connection to Urchin goes back a long way: "I formed Evil Ways with Adrian Smith, John Hoye and a drummer named Pete early in 1974. Pete was soon replaced by Barry Tyler. I told the band I was leaving in October 1977 but'stayed on until January 1978 to cover live gigs whilst they auditioned and rehearsed with their new guitarist. The 'new boy' was, of course, our old friend Dave Murray! Dave only lasted for a few mont's but the band kept going for another couple of years. I didn't play with them again, apart from joining them on stage on New Year's Eve 1979 for three or four songs." As can be expected, Urchin was Adrian Smith's band: "I played alongside Adrian for four years and would definitely say he was the driving force in the band and also the main songwriter. The band was very democratic so we didn't really have a leader as such. It was also a very happy band, very few arguments. We're all still in touch after nearly 40 years and remain good friends so that must'say something! I met up with Adrian, Alan, Barry and John last week for a meal. We try and get together every few mont's but a lot depends on Adrian's Iron Maiden committments." Maurice also has very kind words to say about Maiden guitarist Dave Murray: "I met Dave Murray on the same evening I met Adrian and we jammed together. I've never played in a band with Dave but we've had a few jams over the years. He's a scarily good player, as is Adrian!"
Matthias Mader

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