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ATOMIC AGGRESSOR - Sights Of Suffering (12" Gatefold DOUBLE LP)

Chile | Death
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Includes an exclusive vinyl-only BONUS TRACK, "Twilight Spectres." Comes in a gatefold jacket with printed inner sleeves. Pressed on Grey and Black Vinyl both with laser etched artwork on side D. The first 111 copies pressed on PICTURE DISCS with the same packaging as the regular LP. CD & T-Shirt in stock below.

At long last, cult Chilean legends ATOMIC AGGRESSOR make their full-length debut, the ominously titled Sights of Suffering! At ground zero of Chile's still-thriving death metal scene, ATOMIC AGGRESSOR had a strong hand in shaping that supreme sound back in the late '80s with 1989's influential Bloody Ceremonial demo and 1991's subsequent Resurrection demo. Prematurely, the band broke up but re-formed in 2007 to play a number of national festivals, proving that the ancient hellfire still burned brightly. With two founding members at the helm, vocalist/bassist Alejandro Diaz and guitarist Enrique Zuniga, ATOMIC AGGRESSOR released a well-received split 7" with Death Yell in 2013, further proving that their barbaric deathrash had lost none of its violence & force. If that split was a mere appetizer, then Sights of Suffering is the grand feast of diabolic DEATH! Buttressed by raw-yet-rounded production, Sights of Suffering explodes with the sort of songwriting only those who grew up - and bled - in the 1980s can produce. In fact, one could safely say that ATOMIC AGGRESSOR are simply continuing where they started in the late '80s, but Sights of Suffering is no mere "throwback" - it is the real deal, a timeless, iron-fisted thrust of pure death metal evil. Open your eyes to Sights of Suffering...

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ATOMIC AGGRESSOR - Sights Of Suffering ATOMIC AGGRESSOR - Sights Of Suffering (T-Shirt -OR- Girlie)
Chile | Death
$19.99 - $23.99
ATOMIC AGGRESSOR - Sights Of Suffering ATOMIC AGGRESSOR - Sights Of Suffering (CD)
Chile | Death




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