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ARCHENEMY - Violent Harm
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ARCHENEMY (U.S.) - Violent Harm (12" LP on Colored Vinyl)

United States | Death/Thrash
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LABEL : Hells Headbangers
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VERY LAST FEW COPIES! ALL copies pressed on Gold/White "2-sided" colored vinyl. Comes with heavy insert featuring an interview & liner notes by Laurent Ramadier. Jacket has great cover artwork & metallic gold print!

Do not confuse this band with the infamous trendy Swedish band of the same name. We're talking here about the one and only ARCHENEMY which used to devastate the L.A area back in the early/mid '80s with the likes of BLOODCUM and F.C.D.N. TORMENTOR. Back in the day with just a rehearsal tape spread around, they had clearly demonstrated that they were nothing but sorta like the answer to San Francisco's own Thrash/ Death Metal gods, INSANITY -just not as technical- but incontestably as fuckin' heavy and deadly! Now we're in 2008 and after 23 years of researches, the fuckin' mystery that surrounded this brutal act is over and here we have a complete album featuring nothing less than two rehearsal sessions from the undisputed Death/Thrash kings! The first five-song recording that was completely unknown to this day is completely instrumental and showcases nothing but an excellent mixture of early SLAYER, POSSESSED, early DEATH, CELTIC FROST (check out those slow ultra heavy breaks!). The material was already fuckin' fast for its time but it had not yet reached the point that it would do a couple months later! Some Hardcore overtones can be heard here and there notably on "Violent Abuse" but this is no wimpy/ boring shit, as those guys were into the likes of D.R.I., A.O.D. etc a.k.a. the real ones. Next is the famous March 1986 five song session and it's doubtful that somebody would argue with the fact that ARCHENEMY had became at this point one of the fastest bands on this planet along with early WEHRMACHT, GENOCIDE/ REPULSION, early CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER, DEATH (late 1985 S.F. era) and INSANITY! "Insomnia", "Bodily Harm", "Mortuary"... are all high-speed doses of deadly mayhem, with some absolute ripping riffing and awesome drumming. The vocals while fitting quite well the music could have been better if they had been in the total Death Metal range (ala Joe DeZuniga) but that's minor criticism considering how face melting the music is in this case. One of my all time favorite recordings, need I say more?!"
-Laurent Ramadier

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